Pyrolysis tyre to oil plant

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Pyrolysis tyre to oil plant

Pyrolysis tyre to oil plant can pyrolysis the waste tyre. End product: crude oil,steal wire and carbon black. And The whole operation process does not have a bit pollution.

Open the feeding door of reactor then put scrap tires into the body of the reactor.Then the body of the reactor will be heated up by the fuel under it.

The scrap tires will decomposed when it heated up to a 160C in the reactor. The decomposed tires transformed into oil gas. Waste gas will be processed in the emissions scrubber transmitted by the pipe on the top of the pyrolysis reactor,by the processing of emissions scrubber the harmful gas will changed into clean air then release into the air.

When crude oil get through the gas separate the Impurities will be filtrated, so that crude oil can be refined. Crude oil get through the depositing tank to the cooling pool for cooling in it,Then transform into liquid. Liquid crude oil will delivered to tanks for store, and the exhaust gas from the crude oil in the tank will transported to exhaust gas recycle system then transported to The bottom of the pyrolysis reactor as fuel to heat up the the pyrolysis reactor.

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