Latest generation tyre disposal pyrolysis machine

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Latest Generation tyre disposal pyrolysis machine

The Normal Questions and Answers about Latest Generation tyre disposal pyrolysis machine as follows:

1. The extra waste gas could not be emitted directly in the air, as it would get accumulated in the surroundings, and even a single spark can lead to blast.The waste gas is transferred back to the heating chamber to heat the reactor as fuel. During this period, it only cost little coal. It is hard to store this waste gas, because this gas is coming together with the tyre oil gas. The cost for storing this waste gas is more than the profit this waste gas can give. So usually this waste gas is burnt for heating the reactor.

2.Carbon black gets accumulated at it output pipe. How it can be auto-shifted to the store?In the reactor, there is weld sprial conveyor on inwall. When one batch finish, cool down the reactor for several hours. Open the carbon black dregs door, let the reactor rotating in the opposite way, the carbon black will be transferred out automatically.Then you can make one pool beside the carbon black door, or you use the spiral carbon black dregs machine to help.

3.They say that oil should be removed from the tank before running II cycle of reactor. Then weather the another storage tank is required so that first one could be emptied before II cycle?Yes,they are right, the oil shall be pumped out before running II cycle of reactor. We provide the oil pump. For the oil tanks, we can’t provide very big one, because the containers don’t have much space. The customer need to make by himself one big storage oil tanks.

4.What is the application of raw carbon black?Usually, the carobon black is sold out directly as rough carbon black. Or the carbon black can be refined again, become good carbon black.

5.Steel removal is the biggest question, as it gets entangled within the reactor.No, the steel is easy to be out. When the carbon black finish dregs. There is only bunches waste steel inside the reactor. Then pull it out. Or you use the steel pulling machine, we can provide this if you order.

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