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How long is the service life of pyrolysis plants’reactor?

Date:2013-11-27 20:05:34 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ

Reactor is the main part of the pyrolysis plant, it determines the service life of the whole machine. So reactor’s quality is very very important. It not only determine the service life of the reactor, but also determine the safety, because the whole machine, only here have the fire and pressure.

Inner Reactor Rough Draft

How we ensure our reactor’s quality? We do from the beginning. We have laboratory testing the quality of steel. Every time we buy steel, we must test them inour laboratory to see whether it is standard Q245R boiler plate.

Reactor Cover Structure

In our laboratory, there are steel impact test cryogenic tank, steel plate tensile test, steel impact tester and so on all for testing the quality of the steel. Then we have the fully automatic CNC laser cutting machine to cut the steel and use the submerged automatic arc welding to weld the steel automatically. Then use the X-ray test for welding crack line. Once get through. then we go on. So we are very sure about our machine's quality, usually the reactor can use 5-7 years.

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