What kind of raw materials does your pyrolysis plant can turn waste to energy?

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Pyrolysis plant can break large organic molecules into small molecules of oil gas under the condition of high temperature without oxygen, then through cooling system, last get fuel oil energy from the waste. The main organic includes waste tyres, waste rubber and waste plastics.

pyrolysis plantPyrolysis plant

This is a good business chance for some people. Because, nowadays, lots of waste were thrown away anywhere and few people know that among these wastes, some can be reused, such as waste tires, waste rubber, and different material plastic. In some countries, these waste tires, waste plastic were recycled by recycling centers and recycling companies. We can get these raw materials at a low price and turn waste into a treasure by pyrolysis plant.

What kind of raw materials pyrolysis plant can turn waste to energy, and what is the oil yield?
Item & picRaw MaterialsOil Yield

Steel wire tyre40%--50%
Nylon tyre≈40%
Bicycle tyre≈35%
Cable skin

PE cable skin≈85%
PVC cable skin≈25%
Pure rubber cable skin≈35%
Telephone wire≈50%
Life Garbage

Pure plastic bag≈50%
Coarse material with water≈15%
Weaves & Handbags

Weaves& Handbags


Sports shoe’s sole27%-33%
Black rubber≈35%
Gum outsole≈45%

Common rubber pipe≈30%
Aluminum foil≈30%
Car glass bead≈50%
PP Beverage bottle≈50%

Application of final products from pyrolysis plant

pyrolysis plantApplication of final products from pyrolysis plant

1. Fuel oil (crude oil, furnace oil) 45%-52%;

a. Cement factory;

b. glass making factor;

c. pyrolysis factory;

d. boiler etc;

2. Carbonblack 30%-35%

a. Pelletcarbon as a fuel to heating machine, help you save energy;

b. sell to cementplant;

3. Steel wire 10%-15%

Resell it to stell making factory.

You can contact us directly if you are not sure whether the raw materials you collect can be treated with the pyrolysis plant, or if you want to start a project to recycle waste tires and plastics to oil. We have professional project managers to follow up the progress of each project.

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