What are the emissions from the tire pyrolysis project? Can it meet the emission standards?

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As we all know that waste tyre pyrolysis is a chemical process, and the project belongs to petrochemical industry, so the emission cannot be avoided. But do not worry too much, we have done a lot in the environment protection of our waste tire pyrolysis plant and the final emission and reach China and Europe emission standard.

tire pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis project

The following is the emission data based on our 60ton capacity(6x10TPD) waste pyrolysis project for your reference.

Emission data based on our 60ton capacity(6x10TPD) waste tire pyrolysis plant project

Pollution sourcesPollutantProduce Concentration(mg/m³)Produce quantity(Ton/Year)Treatment measuresEmission concentration(mg/m³)Emission (Ton/Year)
Exhaust gas from pyrolysis andfurnaceAir volume5360m³/hour

Desulfurizationand dust removal+:

Desulfurization efficiency85%,dust removal efficiency 90%,

VOCs removal efficiency 85%, H2S removalefficiency 80%


First, no waste water emission problem.

The water used in the whole waste tire pyrolysis system is divided into two parts. One part functions as cooling water for cooling down the hot oil gas, and it circulating, the water-in is the same as the water-out, so there is no any pollution. The other part is as rinse water to remove the sulphur and dust in the flue gas purifying process, which is also recycled and no need to discharge it but add it regularly with its evaporating.

tyre pyrolysis Circulating cooling water for cooling down oil gas

Second, no gas emission problem.

Our waste tire pyrolysis plant is equipped with uncondensable tail gas disposal system, which can remove hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, nitrogen dioxide and other odorous polluting gases contained in the tail gas before combustion to ensure a good emission standard. Besides, we adopt high standard flue gas desulfuration tower to make the treated gas fully meet China national emission requirement standard.

waste tire pyrolysis plantHigh standard flue gas desulfuration tower

After desulfurization and dust removal treatment of the waste tire project's pyrolysis &combustion exhaust gas, the removal rate of SO2 in the exhaust gas can reach 85%.The dust removal rate can reach 90%, the VOCs removal efficiency is 85%, the hydrogen sulfide removal efficiency is 80%, and the deodorization efficiency is 80%. The emission concentration and emission rate of each pollutant meet the requirements of the second-level standard in the Comprehensive Emission Standard for Air Pollutants (GB16297-1996--China national standard).

To sum up, the tire pyrolysis project can meet the environmental standards and can be done at ease. In addition, we can also provide waste tire pyrolysis plant related materials to help customers successfully apply for local projects.

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