How to guarantee the after-sale service of pyrolysis plant?

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As we are a manufacturer of pyrolysis plant in China, some overseas customers who want to buy our pyrolysis plant have doubts about our after-sales service and worry that our after-sales service cannot be guaranteed. Actually don't worry, our after-sales service can be guaranteed through the following aspects.

pyrolysis plantDOING factory


As for pyrolysis plant transportation, we will divide the whole equipment into parts and load them in containers. Moreover, we have professional freight forwarders who have cooperated with us for many years and have helped us transport many sets of equipment. Therefore, they have rich experience in the handling and transportation of equipment, to avoid the damage of equipment in the sea transportation.

pyrolysis plantPyrolysis plant transportation


As for the after-sales installation of the pyrolysis plant, we have many experienced overseas installation engineers. Usually, when the pyrolysis plant arrives in the customer's country, we will send engineers to install, debug and run the equipment, and train the customer's workers to operate and run the equipment. But now, it's a special time. Maybe our engineers cannot go to the customer's factory in person. But in order to provide better after-sales service for our customers, we will provide a full range of installation and debugging videos with explanations for customers who purchase our pyrolysis plant, and guide customers to install and debug pyrolysis plant, so as to speed up the smooth progress of the pyrolysis project.

pyrolysis plantInstallation of the pyrolysis plant

Operation and maintenance

Moreover, we have a special Chinese and English version of the after-sales operation manual, which introduces the detailed steps of equipment operation and maintenance in detail. Workers can refer to this installation manual at any time when operating the pyrolysis plant to avoid mistakes.

pyrolysis plantPyrolysis plant operation manual

In addition, we will also provide one year after-sales warranty service, and provide lifetime technical support for customers.So our after-sales service can be guaranteed through the above aspect. If you are satisfied with our pyrolysis plant, you may rest assured to buy it.

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