Is waste tyre pyrolysis plant safe?

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At any time, safety always comes first.Some customers may want to know whether the waste tyre pyrolysis plant is safe while working. Today I will introduce the safety measures that Doing Group adopts to ensure the safety of the running process of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant usually works at normal pressure, in order to prevent unexpected circumstance from causing high pressure in the reactor, Henan Doing has done the following treatments to ensure safety.

First,anti-pressure seal head. Our reactor is manufactured strictly according to the standard of pressure vessels. The round-shape reactor head has very strong tension and good connection with the reactor body, thus could not be cracked under high pressure and high temperature. The thickness of the whole reactor is 16mm, which is best not only for fire-cracking resistance, but also for heat transfer.

The seal head

The seal head

Second,Oil-water separator, which is mainly used for preventing the back flow of oil gas. It can not only prevent the oil gas from burning in the pyrolysis reactor, but also make the oil gas flow in the correct direction.

The oil-water separator

The Oil-water separator

Third, safety valve, also called relief valve. Pyrolysis reactor has two safety valves, one in the feed port and the other in the air outlet, when one of them is damaged, the other can still work, which are equivalent to double security. There is a pressure gauge at the air outlet, when the pressure in the pyrolysis reactor is higher than 0.04MPa, the alarm bell will be activated, and the relief valve will automatically release the pressure to prevent the pyrolysis reactor from being destroyed by high pressure;

The safety valve

The safety valve

In addition to the above safety measures, Doing Group has also done a good job in environmental protection, such as smoke cleaning device and tail gas cleaning device, customers can rest assured to buy. If you want to know more about the waste tyre pyrolysis plant, welcome to contact us.

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