Brazil project-15TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant produced fuel

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In April, 2024, we Henan Doing Company got good feedback from our Brazilian customers about the 15TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant project. Their tire pyrolysis plant has been put into operation and produced tire derived fuel. Here is the test video of the obtained tire pyrolysis oil for your reference:

From the video, we can see that the tire pyrolysis oil extracted from DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant is of great color. And our Brazilian customer lit the oil to see its combustion conditions. The tire pyrolysis oil has calorific value, about 40MJ/kg, which makes it a great industrial heating fuel for cement/brick/glass making factories, steel smelting factories, boiler heating, furnaces heating, etc. That's also the reason why our Brazilian customers chose to engage in the waste tyre pyrolysis industry.

pyrolysis oil applications for heatingTire pyrolysis oil applications as heating fuel

They own an aluminum factory, which needs to consume lots of fuel energy every day. However, the oil price is high and has the trend of keeping rising. After doing market research, they decided to make full use of the cheap waste tire materials and produce tire derived fuel as the alternative solution. And then they sought a professional waste tire pyrolysis plant manufacturer to buy the pyrolysis machine.

He found us we Henan Doing Company has rich pyrolysis plant installation experience and running videos of our pyrolysis plants, so he sent us the inquiry for more information and technology details of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plants. The technological maturity, material selection, stability design and environmentally friendly equipment configuration of our cracking equipment all meet their needs. Therefore, we have reached a friendly and friendly cooperation regarding 15Ton waste tyre pyrolysis plant. The customer even placed a second order.

waste tyre pyrolysis plant in BrazilWaste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Brazil

If you also want to build your own pyrolysis plant project for the production of derived fuel oil, please contact Henan Doing Company. From overall waste pyrolysis plant project planning, plant design and layout making, as well as equipment installation, commissioning, test runs, technical training and other services, we can provide you with comprehensive services.

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