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10T waste plastic pyrolysis plant running well in india

Date:2022-08-23 16:12:46 / Pyrolysis plant video

This Indian customer owns a paper mill and has a large amount of scraps to be disposed of. He does not want to throw it away directly, because it will not only cause a certain amount of pollution to the environment, but also cause a certain amount of waste. Knowing that the waste plastic pyrolysis plant business profit was okay, so he contacted us through the official website in 2018 and cooperated with us to order a 10-ton plastic refining equipment.

The waste plastic refining equipment can convert waste plastics and scraps into energy through high temperature pyrolysis. The main products are: oil (about 35%) and combustible gas.

The acid value of the plastic produced by the paper mill is low, and the gas generated is easy to corrode the steel plate of the reactor, affecting the service life. After patient communication with customers, we decided to customize the waste plastic pyrolysis plant according to the raw materials of Indian customers.

Now this Indian customer once again reported that our equipment is running very well and brought great profits to the customer. He also recommended our equipment to other local partners and looks forward to working with us again.

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