Does your tire pyrolysis machine have pollution to the environment?

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Many investors may ask some questions before they do the tire pyrolysis project, such as pyrolysis machine process oil gas to oil liquid, how about the tail gas? Where is it going? Does it have a bad effect on environment? Does the machine make a noise?How about the water?

tire pyrolysis machine Tire pyrolysis project

With more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, DOING company makes it clear that our tire pyrolysis machine will not pollute the environment. Because our tire pyrolysis machine is equipped with environmental protection devices for tail gas, smoke and dust.

1. Tail gas- tail gas cleaning and odor removal system

The main part tail gas is uncondensible oil gas. However, this uncondensible oil gas contains a small amount of polluting gas with pungent odor of rotten eggs, mainly composed of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. If directly discharged, it will bring certain harm to the production site and surrounding environment. So, we have equipped an tail gas cleaning and odor removal system to mainly remove H2S gas contained in uncondensable gas.Then the non-condensable gas can be used as fuel to heat the reactor.

pyrolysis machineTail gas cleaning and odor removal system

2. Smoke gas- desulfurization tower

From our machine, smoke gas is mainly from heating material, like coal, wood etc. This smkoke gas contains dust particles and sulfur dioxide. So we design a desulfurization tower for this smoke gas. Smoke gas after desulfurization tower is very clean, almost like steam. We have the SGS report for this part gas, and it can reach international standards.

tire pyrolysis machineDesulfurization tower

3. Water- circulating system

Water have 2 parts. One part is for cooling down oil gas, this part water is pumped through the pipe, oil and water are always indirect contact. The water in the circulating system is always clean. Another part water is concluded in dedusting system, water film dust removal system use high-pressure hydraulic pump to press water into high pressure nozzle which atomize the water to clean the smoke from furnace, this part water is also circulating. So water no pollution.

tire pyrolysisWater circulating system

4. Noise

The main noise from pyrolysis machine is draft fan, noise is <50db. So no noise pollution.

To sum up, at each stage we have equipped with appropriate equipment to deal with some substances harmful to the environment which has reached the entire production process is safe and environmental protection.

We have more than ten years of experience in this field. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the environmental aspects of our tyre pyrolysis machine. Of course, you can visit our factory person or online to learn more project case we have done.

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