What is the cost to start a pyrolysis plant in India?

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At present, pyrolysis projects in India are still a profitable business relative to other types of business. Because pyrolysis project final products have formed a mature market, such as tire pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil, carbon black, etc. This makes a lot of Indian customers keen to do pyrolysis business.

Before you start the pyrolysis project, you must wonder what is the cost to start a pyrolysis plant in India. But the cost is not an exact figure, it need according to the types of materials you want to deal with, raw materials and products in the local market situation, the project size you are planning to do, and the selected venue size, location, purchase of pyrolysis plant configuration, cost of hiring workers, etc. These are the factors you need to consider.

pyrolysis plantPyrolysis plant project

1. Raw materials

The raw materials treated by pyrolysis plant include waste tires, waste plastics and waste rubber. Generally speaking, the collection of waste tires and rubber requires a certain cost, while the cost of waste plastic is relatively small, and some places can be obtained for free. If you want to process different raw materials, the cost is different.

2. Local market

If you're going to start a pyrolysis plant business, research the source of the raw material in the local market, find a reliable supplier, or simply entrust a regular person to collect a certain amount of waste plastic or tires for you. This will ensure your supply of raw materials and reduce the cost of raw materials. In addition, the market price of the final product needs to be investigated. If the market is good, maybe you can consider doing a bigger pyrolysis business.

3. Project scale

It is easy to understand the scale of the project. Small project scale costs will be relatively small input, and large scale may be more profitable. The final decision depends on your local market research, as well as your own capital budget.

4. Sites

If you're going to start a pyrolysis business you need to find enough space. The size of the site depends on your project scale, of course, different size of the site, the cost is different, and the location of the site is also related to the selected location, some better geographical location, convenient transportation may cost a little more.

pyrolysis businessPyrolysis project site

5. Pyrolysis plant configuration

When you have the site ready, you need to buy a pyrolysis plant for production. The choice of type or configuration of pyrolysis plant can also affect the cost. If you purchase continuous pyrolysis plant, the configuration is high, but it can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted production, and the purchase cost will be relatively high.

continuous pyrolysis plantContinuous pyrolysis plant

6. Hire workers

After the site is selected and the pyorlysis plant is purchased, workers are hired to transport, install, debug and operate the pyrolysis plant. Although some pyrolysis plant suppliers will provide installation guidance and equipment debugging, you still need to hire some workers to do some basic preparatory work, and these workers will need to operate the equipment later. Maybe the workers you hire don't know how to operate the equipment. Don't worry, DOING will provide training for the operators. Until they can operate the pyrolysis plant skillfully. If you can hire workers for less, you can save some money.

pyrolysis plantWorkers in pyrolysis plant project

Of course, the cost to start a pyrolysis plant in India will be affected not only by these factors, but also by national policies. If you plan to start a pyrolysis plant or have any questions about the configuration of the pyrolysis plant, please contact us. As a pyrolysis plant manufacturer with 10 years of experience, we will provide you with more professional and detailed project introduction and plan.

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