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Pyrolysis oil to Diesel Conversation Process

Date:2024-02-20 10:16:17 / Pyrolysis plant video

Pyrolysis oil produced by solid waste pyrolysis plant is mainly used as fuel oil for heating various boilers, furnaces, or heavy oil generators, can't be used in any vehicle. But if pyrolysis oil is refined by pyrolysis oil distillation plant, the diesel oil refined from pyrolysis oil has broad market prospects and can bring investors more economic benefits.

As the video shows, the new solid catalyst technology pyrolysis oil to diesel conversation process designed by Henan Doing Company is as follows:

The pyrolysis oil is refined and distilled through pyrolysis oil distillation plant, and the thermal oil heating system and fuel heating system are used to boil and gasify the pyrolysis oil. After the oil gas is distilled out, the oil gas will pass through the catalytic tower to remove colloids and waxes, and then enter the condensation system to be condensed into non-standard diesel. We can also further decolorize and deodorize diesel fuel.

The non-standard diesel product after refining pyrolysis oil is yellow. According to the SGS report, the non-standard diesel oil after refining and distillation has a density of 800.6kg/cm3 and a total calorific value of 46.20MJ/kg at 20°C. It can be used in trucks, tractors, ships, heavy machinery, diesel generators, etc.

If you want to get more information and a price list of DOING pyrolysis oil distillation plant to convert your tire plastic pyrolysis oil to diesel fuel, you are welcome to send us your inquiry. Our dedicated project manager will service you sincerely.

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