What is the workflow of fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant?

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Fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant is a new type waste tyre recycling to fuel oil plant, which is fully automatic and controlled by PLC system. It works more efficiently and has a higher oil yield. Here I will show you the workflow of fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant.

continuous tyre pyrolysis plantFully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

Workflow of fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

1. Pre-treat

First, the steel wire need to be removed from waste tyres by waste tyre drawing machine. Then, cut these waste tyres into segments by waste tyre cutting machine. Last, shred them into 3-5cm small pieces by waste tyre shredder. The tire shredder is also a fully automatic shredding system, which can be directly connected to the feeding system of the fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant. It’s very convenient. Do you know why waste tyres need to be processed into small pieces? It’s because waste tyres can be evenly heated and easy to be pyrolyzed in this way, which can increase oil output.

continuous pyrolysis plantShred waste tyres into 3-5cm small pieces by waste tyre shredder

2. Feeding

After pretreated, waste tyre pieces will be fed into the reactor automatically by the sealed screw conveyor, which could ensure safety and environmental protection. The whole process is fully controlled by the PLC system. Its high automation can continuously feed tyres, which also greatly reduces the cost of time and labors.

3. Heating

You can choose one kind of fuel, for example, fuel oil, natural gas, wood, LPG etc. to heat the pyrolysis reactor. When waste tyres reach a certain temperature, they will have a pyrolytic reaction and then oil gas will be generated. In addition, the PLC system will control the temperature accurately, which can make sure the waste tyres pyrolyze well to get a high oil yield.

continuous tyre pyrolysis plantHeating the pyrolysis reactor

4. Condensing

The oil gas will go through the condensing system and be condensed to liquid oil. We adopt a new type condensing system, whose first step is passing a vertical cooling pipe, which can avoid gas jam problem, decrease the cooling pipe cleaning work and maximize the oil yield. Then during the second step, the gas will go through big horizontal cooling pipes, which are designed specially and have more space to condense quantities of gas. The last step, the gas also goes through vertical cooling pipes to be condensed fully again. After that, about 45%-52% of gas will be condensed.

continuous pyrolysis plantCondensing system of fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

5. Non-condensable gas recovery

The gas that can’t be condensed to liquid will be sent to tail gas cleaning system firstly, then the cleaned gas will be recycled to heat the reactor as fuel, which can save energy for customers.

6. Waste gas disposal

The waste gas produced by the combustion will go throug the smoke cleaning system and desulfurization & purification tower to meet the environmental protection standards so that there is no harm to the environment.

tyre pyrolysis plantDesulfurization & purification tower

7. Discharging

The final product of the fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant is carbon black. It will be discharged automatically by the unique sealing design system. In this process, it can be cooled to an appropriate temperature to collect directly, which will save cooling time and increase productivity.

pyrolysis plantCarbon black discharging

The final products of the fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant are pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire, which can be widely used in many industries.

Final products and their uses from the fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

1. Pyrolysis oil

Pyrolysis oil can be used as fuel in steel factory, boiler heating, heavy oil generator, cement factory. Also, it can be refined to diesel for diesel generator, diesel fuel for heating, or heavy machinery and so on.

2. Carbon black

Carbon black can be made into carbon brick by briquetting equipment for burning, or be refined to powder to make new tire, shoe soles, or paint.

3. Steel wire

Steel wire can be remelted or sold directly.

tyre pyrolysis plantFinal products and their uses from the fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant

All the end products from fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant have a good market, which will bring you great benefits.

The workflow of the fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant is complicated, but you can easily operate it with our PLC system. So if you want to get into tyre recycling business, please feel free to contact us.

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