What is the process of pyrolysis technology for waste plastic?

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We can convert waste plastics into heavy fuel oil through a process of pyrolysis technology which is generally controlled by heating the material in the absence of oxygen. In plastics pyrolysis, the macromolecular structures of polymers are broken down into smaller molecules or oligomers and sometimes monomeric units. The final product of the pyrolysis process is heavy fuel oil, carbon black and non-condensable gas.

plastic pyrolysis plantThe final product of the plastic pyrolysis process

Here is the process flowchart of our waste plastic pyrolysis plant which is mainly composed of feeding system, pyrolysis system, oil gas cooling system as well as environmental and safety protection system.

plastic pyrolysis plantProcess of pyrolysis of waste plastic technology

The general process of our pyrolysis technology for waste plastic is as follows.

1st-step: feeding process.

Waste plastics are fed into the pyrolysis reactor with auto-feeder or manually till the pyrolysis reactor is fully loaded.

plastic pyrolysisFeedin waste plastics into pyrolysis reactor

2nd-step: pre-heating and pyrolysis process.

For start-up, the pyrolysis reactor can be heated with coal/wood/diesel/pyrolysis fuel oil/CNG/LPG . When reaching a certain temperature, waste plastic pyrolysis will get started and, meanwhile, there will be incondensable syngas produced as the auxiliary heating energy for the pyrolysis process.

plastic pyrolysis plantHeating and pyrolysis process

3nd-step: cooling process

Our waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts3 -step cooling, each step cooling uses an independent cooling water circulation system to fully guarantee the cooling effect, and then ensure the oil yield. Among them, the oil-water separator not only plays the role of oil gas cooling, it is mainly used as the first safety device--water seal in the cooling system, to prevent the back-flow of oil gas, and also to clean the carbon black powder contained in the gas in the late pyrolysis process.

pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant cooling process

4th-step: dedusting process

Water film dedusting system or higher standard smoke desulfuration scrubber are equipped with the pyrolysis reactor to clean the smoke by removing dust and pollutants. Besides, we also have patented smell disposal device available for customer to choose in the aspect of environment protection.

pyrolysis technologyHigher standard smoke desulfuration scrubber

Our waste plastic pyrolysis plant has different model, configuration and handling capacity. If you are interested in this waste plastic pyrolysis plant project, please do not hesitate to send your enquiry.

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