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Nigeria, with its growing population and increasing waste generation, presents a significant opportunity for sustainable waste management solutions. One such solution is the installation of pyrolysis plants, which offer an environmentally friendly and economically viable way to convert waste materials into valuable products. DOING, a trusted manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis plants, is proud to offer its advanced technology and expertise to provide pyrolysis plants for sale in Nigeria. The following are some parameters of pyrolysis plants that DOING can provide:

                                                                   Technical Parameter of Pyrolysis Plant
1.Equipment typeBatch typeSemi-continuousContinuous
3.Structural formHorizontal rotation
4.24-hour Capacity0.1-20 tons10-20 tons15-50 tons
5.Operating pressureNormal
6.Material of pyrolysis ReactorQ245R
7.Thickness of pyrolysis Reactor16mm
8.Mode of coolingRecycled water cooling
9.Heating fuelFuel oil/gas
10.Raw materialTire/Plastic/Oil sludge
11.OutputPyrolysis oil, carbon black, combustible gas

Pyrolysis plants are designed to thermally decompose various types of waste materials in the absence of oxygen, resulting in the production of useful end products. These plants can process a wide range of waste materials, including plastic, tires, rubber, and oil sludge, transforming them into valuable commodities like fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas.

But among the many pyrolysis plant manufacturers, why are Nigerian customers so keen to choose DOING as their partner? Here I will have an analysis of the advantages of DOING pyrolysis plant for sale in Nigeria:

1. Mature market cases

Over the last decade or so, DOING has installed several pyrolysis plants in Nigeria, such as in Lagos, Kano, Osun and other locations. A number of devices have been successfully put into production. DOING has a good understanding of the local Nigerian market and the relevant import policies, which can provide the delicate schemes for our customers to help them successfully set up a pyrolysis plant in Nigeria.

DOING pyrolysis plant project cases in NigeriaDOING pyrolysis plant project cases in Nigeria

2. Nigeria overseas warehouse.

As a Chinese pyrolysis plant manufacturer and supplier, DOING not only has its production workshops and warehouses in China, but also established the overseas warehouses in Nigeria in 2019. Especially during the covid-19 period, with various countries in control and blockades, this overseas warehouse has facilitated countless African countries, helping customers travel to overseas warehouses to pick up some accessories as replacements.

3. Nigeria branch office.

To help African clients better understand equipment information, DOING has established a branch in Nigeria, with its own office near Lagos. If African clients, particularly Nigerian clients, want to meet with us, DOING will extend a cordial invitation to visit.

DOING branch office in NigeriaDOING branch office in Nigeria

4. Pyrolysis plant fabrication factory in Nigeria.

DOING bought a site in Sagamu, Nigeria, in 2023 and is preparing to build a manufacturing plant. In the future, some of DOING's pyrolysis plants will be produced at the Nigerian plant by experienced production staff, resulting in significantly reduced shipping costs for some African customers.

5. Sincere attitude and service of DOING

DOING has cooperated with thousands of customers and our sales manager team is always committed to providing the best service for them. Take one of our Nigerian customers as an example, who ordered a set of 10TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plant from DOING. At the beginning of cooperation, our project manager visited him on a business trip in Nigeria to help customers learn more about profit analysis, plant building process, process technology and other details related to the waste plastic recycling business. This customer felt appreciated for our dedicated service, so as soon as the customer got the license to build the factory, he immediately contacted us and signed the pyrolysis plant contract with us.

Sincere services provided by DOINGSincere services provided by DOING

It can be seen that DOING pyrolysis plants have a very broad market and unique advantages compared to other suppliers in Nigeria. If customers still have more questions about this or want to learn more projects in Nigeria, please call or leave a message so that DOING’s sales manager can get in touch with you.

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