Recycling Waste Tyre to Oil Plant

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Waste tyres removed from auto repair shops are usually discarded and sold at low prices. Waste tyres can now be processed, and equipment that turns waste into treasure has emerged. The recycling waste tyre to oil plant utilizes the principle of high-temperature pyrolysis to crack the waste tyre into a chemical process of fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, and combustible gas in a closed environment.

tire to oil plantRecycling waste tyre to oil plant installed in India

The DoingGroup's recycling waste tyre to oil plant includes reactors, oil-water separators, vertical.horizontal condensers, water seals, vacuum devices, dust removal, and smoke removal devices.

tire pyrolysis plantRecycling waste tyre to oil plant

The main workflow of recycling waste tyre to oil plant :

First of all, before operating the recycling waste tyre to oil plant , it is necessary to prepare enough waste, mainly bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, car tires, truck tires and other heavy machinery tires. Of course, in addition to various types of tires, various waste plastics, waste rubber, and other organic solids can be used as raw materials.

Next, the reactor is heated and the prepared waste is sent to the reactor via an automatic pusher. High temperature pyrolysis into oil gas.

Again, these oils gases pass through the cooling system, are liquefied as flammable oil after being cooled, are filtered by oil-gas separators, and fall into oil tanks.

Finally, non-condensable gas is also called flammable gas. It has good flammability. This gas will be reused in the heating raw material of the reactor., but also improves the efficiency of equipment operation. The carbon black produced during the operation of the equipment is automatically discharged from the furnace through side slag discharge.

recycling tire to fuel oil plantThe main workflow of recycling waste tyre to oil plant

Taking 10 tons of recycling waste tyre to oil plant as an example, the following benefits can be obtained in one day when operating the equipment.

These benefits mainly come from the end product of recycling waste tyre to oil plant :

1. 40%-45% fuel oil: 4.5T, calculated at $400 per ton, 4.5T X 400USD=1800USD

2. 30% carbon black: 3T

Carbon black can have two uses:

A. Direct sales: 80 US dollars per ton, 3T X 80USD = 240USD

B. Refined milling: Calculated at US$320 per ton, 3T X 320USD=960 USD

3. 15% steel wire: 1.5T, calculated at $128 per ton, 1.5T X 128USD=192USD

These net benefits, minus the cost of buying scrap tires, as well as a small amount of water consumption and worker costs, can get nearly 2,000 US dollars a day.

The profits of these materials are so huge. What are their specific uses?

1. Fuel oil: It is mainly used for the combustion oil in steel plants, cement factories and bath centers, and can also be used for power generation of heavy machinery.

2. Carbon black: It is mainly used for pressure ball combustion and refined milling. Refined flour can be used for new tires, shoe soles, and pigments.

3. Steel wire: mainly used for waste recycling and recasting.

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe special uses of recycling waste tyre to oil plant

The main advantages of the DoingGroup's recycling waste tyre to oil plant are as follows:

1. The material of the reactor is Q245R steel, which is a standard boiler plate steel with a thickness of 16mm. This kind of material steel can withstand high temperature, long service life.

2. Equipped with a device for dust removal and smoke removal, the recycling waste tyre to oil plant's emissions have no pollution to the environment, and can fully meet the assessment criteria of the environmental protection department.

3. Unique welding process, long service life.

4. The longest use of the oil industry, the best condenser.

5. An external thermal insulation device is designed on the outside of the reactor to reduce the loss of temperature and save energy for heating.

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