Pyrolysis plastic recycling by pyrolysis plant

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plastic recycling by pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plastic recycling by pyrolysis plant

The plastic pyrolyzer is a process that uses pyrolysis to pyrolyze waste plastic into fuel, carbon black and steel wire. DoingGroup's waste plastic pyrolysis equipment mainly includes reactor, oil and gas separator, vertical/horizontal condenser, and condensation. Tower, water seal, vacuum device, oil tank, dust removal and deodorization device.In order to meet the stringent environmental assessment standards in Europe and the United States and other countries, DoingGroup has adopted the concept of exhaust gas waste water recycling and recycling as far as possible to achieve zero emissions. Through water seals, oil-water separators, dust removal and deodorization systems, the separation of water, oil and gas, and waste slag can be achieved, whereby oil and gas are recovered, waste generated is recycled, national standards can not be recycled, and the entire production process is environmentally friendly. Departmental assessment criteria.

pyrolysis plastic recycling

Pyrolysis plastic recycling by pyrolysis plant working process

Pyrolysis process of solid organics such as waste plastics

Waste plastics are fed into the reactor through an automatic pusher to perform high-temperature pyrolysis reactions on the waste tires.
The oil and gas that has been cracked is filtered through a water separator and the water is filtered out. The remaining oil and gas passes through a condensing unit and is liquefied and flows into the tank.
Part of the non-condensable gas will be recycled by the equipment and used for heating raw materials in the reactor.
The fumes generated during the combustion process are desulphurized and dust-removed and discharged after reaching the national environmental protection assessment standards.
Carbon black will eventually be automatically discharged by the equipment.

Pyrolysis plastic recycling by pyrolysis plant final product usage:

pyrolysis plastic

Fuel oil usage

Fuel oil: Widely used in iron and steel plants, glass factories, brick factories and other industrial companies and chemical companies. The catering industry is used as a fuel for combustion and will also be used for the power generation of heavy oil generators.

plastic pyrolysis plant carbon black usage

Carbon black usage

Carbon black: Coarse carbon black can be used as a raw material for building conversion, and can also be further processed to make a refined powder. It can be widely used in new tires, rubber soles, pigments and other manufacturing materials.

Non-condensable gases: Non-condensable gases are highly flammable and are therefore called combustible gases. DoingGroup considers that these gas discharge equipments will pollute the environment, affect the environmental assessment, and recover these gas equipments for the heating of reactors. .

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