Waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant

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waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant

Plastic products exist in all aspects of our lives, ranging from big plastic playground equipment to small plastic bags, the emergence of plastic will undoubtedly make our lives more colorful! But it is undeniable that waste plastic also brings a lot of trouble to our life. DoingGroup has developed a waste plastic recycaling pyrolysis plant, the use of high-temperature pyrolysis principle, the waste plastics cracked into fuel, carbon black, combustible gas process.

plastic pyrolysis plant

Waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant working process

DoingGroup's waste plastic pyrolysis plant working process is as follows:
1. Use mechanical waste plastic to enter the reactor and close the inlet to prevent gas flow out.
2. Carbon, wood or fuel heating reactor, the reactor is generally 200-300 degrees is the beginning of the cracking reaction, when the waste tires vaporized into oil vapor.
3. The hydrocarbons entering the condensing system are liquefied into oil and collected in the tank unit. Our system has a negative pressure device, he can greatly enhance the production of pyrolysis oil.
4. Liquefied petroleum gas that can not be liquefied under atmospheric pressure is returned to the reactor as fuel for combustion, which is not only energy saving and environmental protection.
5. After the completion of oil production, the reactor will be cooled. When the temperature drops to 40 degrees, the carbon black will be removed automatically or manually.

Nearly RMB ten thousand yuan of revenue can be gained from running one of our equipment in a day, mainly from pyrolysis fuel and carbon black. They have the wide range use in dailylife:

pyrolysis plant

Fuel oil application

Fuel oil: Mainly used in steel plants, boiler heating, heavy oil generators, cement plants.

 pyrolysis oil plant

Carbon black application

Carbon black: Mainly used for pressure ball burning, refining flour. Which refined flour and can be used for new tires, rubber soles, pigments of raw materials.

DoingGroup waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant is so popular,not only of the  high oil yield, but also because of the following advantages of the device:

plastic oil plant

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant

1. Reactor is produced according to the pressure vessel production standards, using 16mm thick boiler special steel and arc pressure head, can withstand high temperature and pressure.
2. High standard 3-step welding process, not easy to crack, long service life.
3. Pinion rotation device, small power, does not directly contact the reactor, heat transfer less easily deformed.
4. The tertiary cooling system uses a tube condenser, which is the most commonly used and best performing condenser in the oil industry. Make sure that the fuel vapor is sufficiently cool and produces high amounts of oil.
5. Safety devices have oil-water separator, water seal, vacuum device. To ensure safe and stable operation of equipment.

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