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  • 8 sets 12T waste tire pyrolysis machine were installed in Shanxi, China
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  • One set 10T waste tyre pyrolysis machine was installed Mumbai, India
  • Congratulation of 12T Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant Assembled in Guinea

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant

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tyre recycling plant

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis technology is regarded as the most advanced method on waste tyre disposal, owing to it is a new green and economic solution on waste tyres, turning waste tyre to fuel in a sealing high-temperature reactor. The tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant adopt the advanced pyrolysis technology that can convert waste tyre to fuel oil ,carbon black.

pyrolysis plant

Tyre recycling

With the rapid development of the world automobile industry and transportation industry, the demand of various tyre is increasing day by day, at the same time, the used tyres are produced accordingly and its number is also growing largely.

tyre process plant

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant

As we know Waste tyre is a kind of non - fusible or refractory polymer elastomer material. It needs hundreds of years for the large molecules decompose to be no affect to normal growth of plant in the earth. More and more waste tyres not only takes up quantities of farmland, but also breeding ground for insect - borne diseases (dengue fever etc), sharply deteriorated natural environment, destroyed vegetation, endangers environment seriously.  Besides, it may cause fire and threaten people's life and the property security. It is called "black pollution". So waste tyre recycling is becoming more and more important and urgent.

tyre recycling plant

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant

We are professional manufacturer of tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant
We Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd are a specialist manufacturer for environment protection equipment which include waste tires/plastics recycling to fuel oil pyrolysis machinery & waste oil distillation machine and waste recycling machinery, and we have been committed to recycling waste into renewable energy for more than 20year.

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant raw material

pyrolysis plant

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant raw material

1.Waste tyre/tire
2.Waste plastic
3.Waste rubbber

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant main parts

tyre recycling plant

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant

a> Auto-feeder - To shorten feeding time; feed more raw material; save workers,save time,save energy.
b> Reactor - Q245R/Q345R material , pyrolysis for waste tire / waste plastic / waste rubber.
c> Buffer chamber - To reduce oil gas speed;  improve oil quality.
d> Oil-water separator - Avoid oil gas reback to reactor, ensure running safety.
e> Cooling system (Vertical condensers and horizontal condensers) -100 squre meter better condensing effect to get more.
f> Oil tanks -  Collect tire/plastic oil.
g> Anti-back fire device - First to recycle tail gas to furnace as fuel; second water closing for machine running safety.
h> Negative pressure device -  Guarantee working  under normal pressure safety; shorten pyrolysis time; environment protection.
i> Dust removal system - ensure the smoke reach international emission standard.
j> Bad mell removal system - Remove bad mell,keep a well environmental working place, to ensure reach international emission standard.
k> Carbon black slagging device -  Slagging carbon black automatically,  environmental protection; save time and workers.

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant processing waste tyre to fuel oil

tyre process plant to oil

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant processing waste tyre to fuel oil

1.    Feed raw material (waste tyre) into reactor by full-automatic feeding machine. The reactor is supposed to be left 1/3 space for rotating more smoothly. Then make sure the door of feeding machine is closed.
2.    Pyrolysis process: reactor will be gently heated by burning the fuel material (coal, wood, natural gas, LPG or tire oil generated from last batch). The oil gas will be released when the temperature reached 100℃(250-280℃ is the top output rate interval). Heavy oil gas separated by manifold is supposed to be liquefied and drop down into the heavy oil tank. The lighter gas will rise up to the oil condensers, be liquefied in to oil and stored in the oil tank. The incondensable gas though dusulphurization and dedust by hydroseal will be led to the furnace for recycling.
3.    After all fuel oil is produced, the reactor should be cool down. Carbon black will be discharged automatically when the temperature falls down 40 degree. If the raw material is the whole tire, please take out steel wire form the reactor by hooks below 50 Celsius at least.

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant advantage

tyre recycling plant

3 D picture of waste tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant

1) Security:

a. Adopting automatic submerged-arc welding technology

b. All of the welding will be detected by the ultrasonic nondestructive testing method to ensure the welding quality and the welding shape.

c. Adopting process controlling system control the quality, every manufacture process, manufacture date, etc.

d. Equipped with anti-explosion device, safety valves, emergency valves, pressure and temperature meters, as well as the alarming system.

2) Environmental-friendly:

a. Emission Standard: Adopting special gas scrubbers to remove acid gas and dust from smoke

b. Smell during operation: Fully enclosed during the operation

c. Water pollution: No pollution at all.

d. Solid pollution: the solid after pyrolysis is the crude carbon black and steel wires which can be deep-processed or sold directly with its value.

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant successfully install case

tyre recycling plant

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant successful install in different country

Tyre recycling process pyrolysis plant final product

pyrolysis plant

Fuel oil application






Tyre fuel oil


1.Can be sold directly

2.Can be as fuel

3.Can be used industrial and commercial purposes. Such  as power plant factory,glass factory,cement factory,ceramic factory.


Carbon black


1.Can be sold directly

2.Can be used electric cable jacketing,black nylon  bag,rubber additive


Steel wire


1.Can be sold directly

2.Make steel bloom by use hydraulic press-packing


Oil gas


1.Can be as fuel burn by use gas burning system

2.Extra gas also be storage as fuel for other heating

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