Eco-friendly waste tyre pyrolysis machine

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Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a technology-intensive high-tech enterprises, with a high cultural level and high- level of the workforce, is a confident , passionate , constantly better ourselves in the same industry is the backbone enterprises. Our attention to product quality not only  focus on service quality but also perfect services ,let customer always have a good back to our machine " . The factory is willing to advanced production equipment , strong technical force, strict quality management and sincere service , extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign customers .

Over the years , the factory has been committed to research and innovation in waste tire pyrolysis machine,waste plastic pyrolysis machine,waste oil to refining equipment ,  professional production and processing of individual enterprises, the product installation and reasonable , superior quality and cheaper prices long life , energy saving, high efficiency, low cost , easy operation, environmental protection etc. Our pyrolysis machine can effectively meet market requirements. Adapted to the small and medium enterprises and family businesses.

Waste tyre & plastic pyrolysis machine

Henan Doing Mechinal Equipment Co.,Ltd  has a 30000square meters factory working shop with a quality first,reputation first,customer firsrt and quality service first. Welcome you visit.

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