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DOING pyrolysis plant in Nigeria is a good waste management solution, which can be applied to turn solid wastes, like waste tyres, rubber, plastics, oil sludge, etc. to fuel oil energy. Many Nigerian customers are greatly satisfied with the performance of DOING pyrolysis plant, which can generate huge economic and environmental benefits. So if you want to carry out a similar pyrolysis plant project in Nigeria, just contact us!

  • DOING Waste tyre pyrolysis plants run in Nigeria

This is one of our pyrolysis plant projects in Nigeria. The customer ordered 3 sets of 12TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plants to recycle waste tyres. Waste tyres have high oil yield, which can be recycled to good quality tyre pyrolysis oil-great fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. According to the feedback of our Nigerian customer, the waste tyre pyrolysis plants have excellent working performance and helped them generate huge profits. Here are some pictures of the operation site of the waste tyre pyrolysis plants in Nigeria:

Operation site of waste tyre pyrolysis plants in NigeriaOperation site of waste tyre pyrolysis plants in Nigeria

  • DOING Waste tyre pyrolysis plants in Nigeria

This project consists of a set of 10TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant. Actually, our Nigeria customer had visited China as early as December of the year 2012 for the waste tire pyrolysis plant project research and choosing the best waste tire recycling machine supplier to maximize the waste tire recycling profits. After detailed investigation and comparison, the customer finally decided to order the machine from DOING. In March 2013, he visited us again and signed the contract. And this 10TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant project was successfully installed in August 2013.

Installation site of DOING pyrolysis plants in NigeriaInstallation site of DOING pyrolysis plants in Nigeria

  • DOING Waste plastic pyrolysis plant to Nigeria

This Nigerian customer had attended our exhibition in Nigeria in November 2019 and had visited our overseas warehouse in Nigeria. After two contacts, he had a preliminary understanding of our company. He cannot visit our factory in person due to the epidemic in 2020, so he invited a friend in China to inspect our manufacturing plant on behalf of him. After further investigation and understanding, he decided to cooperate with us and purchased two sets of 15T waste plastic pyrolysis plants.

DOING pyrolysis plants were delivered to NigeriaDOING pyrolysis plants were delivered to Nigeria

  • Why are DOING pyrolysis plants popular for sale in Nigeria?

Advanced technology

DOING has a professional research and development team to design our pyrolysis plants, meeting various demands of our customers. For example, when manufacturing the main equipment of the pyrolysis plant, we adopt the special materials and welding methods, which can not only enhance working safety and efficiency, but also improve machine service life. The good materials used in our pyrolysis plants include international plate (16mmQ345R), screw (12mm), insulation cotton (80mm), etc.

700-炼油设备细节.jpgDesign details of DOING pyrolysis plant

High environmental protection and profits

DOING pyrolysis plant won't produce other pollution, such as our cooling system uses circulating water to avoid water pollution, waste gas control system to fully purify exhaust gas to avoid air pollution. In addition, the pyrolysis plant can recycle waste tire plastic to fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas, which all have large markets to generate huge economic profits.

Environmental protection systems of DOING pyrolysis plantEnvironmental protection systems of DOING pyrolysis plant


DOING has some professional certificates and qualifications related to patented pyrolysis technology and production license. They include ISO, CE, technology patents. Besides, when customers set up this project and need some certificates or qualifications, DOING is willing to help customers to get the related certificates and qualifications. Some customers will need the assistance of pyrolysis plants manufacturers on land use rights, environmental protection project certificates, and so on.

Certificates of DOING pyrolysis plantsCertificates of DOING pyrolysis plants

Services and support

DOING can provide a series of services for our customers, from suitable machine type selection, detailed scheme of projects to machine delivery, installation and operation guidance. And we also have a one-year guarantee service for our pyrolysis plants, which all contribute to the successful running of the pyrolysis plant projects.

In addition, apart from the branch office and overseas warehouse, now DOING is building a fabrication factory in Nigeria, which can provide more convenience for our customers to pick up pyrolysis plants. And if you have the demand, we can also arrange factory visits for you.

Comprehensive services provided by DOINGComprehensive services provided by DOING

All in all, if you want to set up pyrolysis plant projects in Nigeria, DOING pyrolysis plant will be your best choice. For more details, welcome to contact us!

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