DOING pyrolysis machine Project Cases in Africa

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Africa, with its abundant waste resources, has become a promising market for pyrolysis machine projects. DOING, as a leading manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis machines, has successfully implemented several projects in Africa, helping local communities tackle waste management issues and create sustainable economic benefits.

Pyrolysis machine project in South Africa

In South Africa, DOING installed four sets of waste tire pyrolysis machines, with a processing capacity of 10 tons per day. The waste tire pyrolysis machine effectively converts waste tires into valuable products like fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire. The fuel oil can be used in industries like cement, steel, glass plants, while carbon black can be sold to manufacturers for various applications, such as new tires, shoe soles and paints. The steel wire, on the other hand, can be recycled or sold as scrap metal.

DOING pyrolysis plant projects in South AfricaDOING pyrolysis machine projects in South Africa

Pyrolysis machine project in Egypt

DOING company has implemented a series of pyrolysis machine projects in Egypt, and our Egyptian customers were all satisfied with our comprehensive services and the working performance of the pyrolysis machines. (Recommended reading: Waste pyrolysis machine projects installed by DOING in Egypt)

DOING pyrolysis plant projects in EgyptDOING pyrolysis machine projects in Egypt

Pyrolysis machine in Nigeria

DOING also executed many pyrolysis machine project cases in Nigeria. Take the pyrolysis machine project in 2019 as an example: in 2019, DOING installed three sets of 12TPD waste tire pyrolysis machine in Nigeria, which were set to help the Nigerian customer to solve the fuel energy issue, who is engaged in the trade logistics business. When the pyrolysis machine arrived in Nigeria, DOING also arranged engineers to assist the Nigerian customer to set up the pyrolysis machine. And now, these pyrolysis machines still run well and helped the customer solve the fuel energy issue and generated huge profits. (Recommended reading: Waste pyrolysis machine projects installed by DOING in Nigeria)

DOING pyrolysis machine projects in NigeriaDOING pyrolysis machine projects in Nigeria

In addition to the above countries, DOING also has other successful project cases in other countries in Africa, such as 12TPD waste tire pyrolysis machine in Senegal, 12TPD waste tyre pyrolysis machine in Togo, 10TPD pyrolysis machine in Ethiopia, etc.

DOING company has rich experience in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of pyrolysis machines. Based on the actual situation of African countries, DOING company can provide appropriate technical routes and pyrolysis machines for each country to ensure that each pyrolysis machine project can obtain the best results. And now we also have the branch office and overseas warehouse in Nigeria, and our fabrication factory is under construction, which can provide more convenience for our customers in Africa.

Comprehensive services provided by DOINGComprehensive services provided by DOING

So if you want to know more about DOING pyrolysis machine project cases in Africa, you can search for the relevant information on the official website of DOING company or leave a message, our sales manager will share more detailed information with you!

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