Fully Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis plant

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DOING company has been committed to the research and manufacture of waste plastic pyrolysis plant for many years, and we have developed fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant , which can process the waste plastics by pyrolysis technology, and to get fuel oil as final product.

plastic pyrolysis plantFully continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

Fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant includes plastic crushing system, continuous feeding system, continuous rotating pyrolysis system, continuous slagging system, continuous cooling system, smell removal system, continuous tail gas recycling system, continuous smoke cleaning system, etc.

DOING company's fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant has many advantages:

1. The continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is equipped with an accurate calculation system to ensure that the tire is fully cracked in the reactor, and fully converted into oil gas, and the oil yield is high.

2. Automatic feeding and slag discharge, “continuous feeding, continuous automatic slagging, continuous oil discharge day and night”. It requires only one person to control the PLC console. Feeding and slag discharge can be realized in a fully automatic manner. No manual work is required, which saves time and effort for customers, saves costs and improves profits.

3. The reactor of fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant with DOING latest technology is manufactured strictly according to the standard of pressure vessels.

1)The reactor is heated in a rotary manner and can be heated evenly, so the equipment does not have local long-term high temperature phenomenon, which is conducive to prolong its service life.

2)The raw material advances evenly in the reactor and directly contacts with the heat transfer surface. The heat exchanges quickly, and the cracking speed is greatly increased.

3)We can adjust the residence time of the raw material in the reactor according to the cracking condition of the raw material in the reactor, to make the raw material fully cracked, increasing the oil rate.

4. The unique anti-leakage technology prevents the cracked oil and gas from leaking through the feed inlet and the slag discharge port, and guarantee the safety of the pyrolysis process.

5. The non-condensable flammable exhaust gas after plastic cracking is used as the heat source for the reactor, saving fuel costs and increasing profits.

6. The fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant with DOING latest technology is equipped with advanced environmental protection system. After the combustion, the smoke is treated effectively and clean.

continuous pyrolysis plantContinuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant installed

Working process of fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant:

1. Feeding raw materials automatically

Waste plastics are crushed into granules by tire crushing system,and then go through the continuous feeding system and enter the reactor automatically.

2. Pyrolysis

Heat the reactor and when the waste raw materials reach a certain temperature, they will be cracked to generate oil and gas.

3. Condensing

The oil gas coming out from the reactor goes through continuous cooling system, and becomes liquid oil into oil tank. We adopt new-type condenser which can improve the oil yield efficiency and make the oil yield to the maximum.

4. Waste gas recovery

The uncondensable gas can be recycled to heat the reactor as fuel, saving energy and reduce fuel costs for customers. The exhaust gas produced by the combustion is treated by tail gas and smoke cleaning system, which meets the environmental protection standards and will not cause pollution to the environment.

5. Discharge

The carbon black is discharged automatically .And it can be cooled during the discharge process to a temperature at which we can directly pack and collect, saving cooling time and increasing productivity.

continuous waste pyrolysis plantFully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Applications of final products from fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant with DOING latest technology:

1.The main product produced by this fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant is the fuel oil that is wide used for industrial and commercial purposes, such as power plant factory, glass factory, cement factory, ceramic factory.

2.In addition ,we get about 10% pyrolysisgases during pyrolysis process. The main component of this gases are methane (CH4), so we cannot condense and store this gases. We use this gases to heat the reactor and we can use exceed gases for other heating application.

3.Carbon black can be reprocessed into high quality carbon by the carbon black grinding machine or briquetting for burning.

Whether it is raw materials or final products, DOING have a wealth of channels.

If you have any questions about the source of the material and the product sales, we can help you solve it. Please feel free to contact us.

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