Small Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

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Some investors have seen an opportunity in carelessly discarded plastic bags, buckets, cups, toys and plastic products, which are converted into fuel oil and black carbon using plastic pyrolysis plant. For customers who want to test the yield of plastics or are concerned about the feasibility of plastic pyrolysis projects, you can choose the small plastic pyrolysis plant.

plastic pyrolysis plantSmall plastic pyrolysis plant

Principle of small plastic pyrolysis plant

Large organic molecules in plastics, in the absence of oxygen at high temperatures, the bonds between the molecules will break, resulting in the formation of small molecules of substances - oil gas. The oil gas condenses through the cooling system and will be converted into liquid oil.

pyrolysis plantPrinciple of small plastic pyrolysis plant

Main advantages of small plastic pyrolysis plant are as follows:

1. Our pyrolysis reactor is manufactured according to pressure vessel production standards using a 16mm thick boiler special steel and arc head that withstands high pressures and temperatures.

2. High standard 3-step welding process, not easy to crack, long service life.

3. Pinion rotation device, small power, does not directly contact the reactor, heat transfer less easily deformed.

4. The three-stage cooling system uses tube condensers, also known as heat exchangers, which are currently the most commonly used and best performing condensers in the oil industry. It can ensure that the pyrolyzed oil gas fully cooled, and improve oil production.

small pyrolysis plantTube condensers of small plastic pyrolysis plant

5. DoingGroup small plastic pyrolysis plant has the following safety devices: water separator, water seal, vacuum device. They can prevent oil gas backflows, provide negative pressure and drainage oil gas, so as to maximize the oil yield.

6. Our small plastic pyorlysis plant has high integration, small floor space, no need to install again, low cost and convenient transportation.

Final products of small plastic pyrolysis plant

Three main products can be obtained from small plastic pyrolysis plant, including fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas. These three products are widely used, so they sell at very good prices in the market.

Fuel oil and carbon black applications

Fuel oil obtained from small plastic pyrolysis plant was mainly used in steel plants, boiler heating, heavy oil generators, cement heating oil. If you further process the fuel oil by distillation plant, you can get diesel fuel that can be used for diesel generators, light fuel, heavy machinery, etc.

Carbon black: Mainly used for pressure ball burning and refining flour. The refined flour can be used for making new tires, rubber soles, pigments, etc.

small plastic pyrolysis plantFuel oil and carbon black applications

Combustible gas will be recycled for reactor heating or collected for other heating.

If you want to do the plastic pyrolysis project, you can firstly buy a small plastic pyrolysis plant to test the oil yield and quality of the obtained oil. If feels good, you can carry out mass production, and we can also provide 10 tons, 12 tons of plastic pyrolysis plant and continuous large-scale pyrolysis plant.

pyrolysis plant12T plastic pyrolysis plant

In addition, we have an independent design team that can design the plastic pyrolysis plant according to your specific needs. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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