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  • 10T waste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Georgia
  • Waste tire pyrolysis oil process plant installed in Mexico and reported by local news
  • Waste plastic pyrolysis plant project in Bangladesh

Recycling of plastic waste pyrolysis plant

Date:2013-06-25 17:50:15 / Pyrolysis Plant


plastic pyrolysis plant

Recycling of plastic waste pyrolysis plant

Recycling of plastic waste pyrolysis plant

The recycling of plastic waste pyrolysis plant takes place through the catalytic de-polymerization & transformation  inside the vessel for de-polymerization occurs in absence of air. 

Plastic waste is decomposed & converted into liquid fuel, synthetic gas and charcoal. Technology is technically feasible, economically, viable and profitable.

Recycling of plastic waste pyrolysis plant raw material

plastic waste pyrolysis plant

Plastic waste pyrolysis plant raw material
Disposable sacks and shopping bags
 Packaging used for cleansers, cleaning products and cosmetics
 Parts of foodstuffs packaging,
 Parts of household appliances,
 Parts of radio and TV equipment
 Parts of children toys
 Parts of computer and office equipment
 Plastic containers, tanks, parts of piping and insulation of cables
 Parts of industrial textiles
Parts of motor vehicles e.g. bumpers, dashboard, battery casings etc.

Recycling of plastic waste pyrolysis plant final product pyrolysis oil application

Typical industrial applications of pyrolysis oil as a fuel:

plastic fuel oil application

Plastic pyrolysis oil application

Hot Water Generators
Hot Air Generators
Thermic Fluid Heater
Electric Generators (mixed with 50% diesel)
Diesel Pumps(mixed with 50% diesel)

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