Continuous Tire Pyrolysis Plant

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Continuous tire pyrolysis plant is based on the batch tire pyrolysis plant to improve and upgrade. The final products of continuous tire pyrolysis plant are fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire. The most significant advantage is that it can be 24 hours of uninterrupted production. It is suitable for mass production and some government projects.

continuous tire pyrolysis plant for saleContinuous tire pyrolysis plant

Advantages of continuous tire pyrolysis plant

1. Safety.

Safety is most important for continuous or batch waste tire pyrolysis plant. In terms of safety, we have taken adequate measures. First, we have special safety devices like safety valve, thermometer, pressure value, water seal, oil water separator etc. Second, we have strict testing devices from raw material till machine production.

2. Environmental friendly

Continuous tire pyrolysis plant can recycle waste tires into treasure which can not only prevent the pollution caused by waste tire but also bring profit. In order to ensure the environmental protection and no pollution in the process of treating waste tires, we have designed desulfurization tower, carbon black wind conveying system and water dedusting system for continuous tire pyrolysis plant.

tyre pyrolysis plant Desulfurization tower is dealing with harmful gases

3. High degree of automation

Continuous tire pyrolysis plant can feed raw material and discharge carbon black continuously. The whole system is controlled by PLC, which is high automatic. Although the processing capacity of the whole continuous tire pyrolysis plant production line is large, it can save manpower, especially suitable for countries and regions with high labor costs.

continuous tire pyrolysis plant for saleAdvantages of continuous tire pyrolysis plant

Each final product has its own applications

Fuel oil application

Fuel oil is widely used for industrial and commercial purposes, such as power plant factory, glass factory, cement factory, etc.

tyre pyrolysis plant

Carbon black application

The second product of continuous tire pyrolysis plant is carbon black. It can be used to make electric cable jacketing, black nylon bag, or as the rubber additive.

Steel wire application

Steel wire is the first to be separated when use continuous tire pyrolysis plant to treat waste tires. And the obtained steel wire is of good quality.It can be recycled to the steel mill remelted for reuse, or sold directly.

pyrolysis plantSteel wire is to be separated first

At present, continuous tire pyrolysis plant has a good market prospect, especially in some countries such as India, where the government advocates the use of tire pyrolysis plant. If you want to know more about continuous tire pyrolysis plant, you can contact us directly.

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