DOING Pyrolysis Plant Project Cases in Asia

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Pyrolysis plant plays a more and more important role in solid waste treatment and management in some Asian countries, reducing environmental pollution, and promoting profitable economic benefits. As a famous pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China, we Henan Doing Company feel honored to help many customers set up pyrolysis plants in Asia.

DOING Company has reached friendly cooperation with many customers from Asian countries on the customization and installation of pyrolysis plants. DOING pyrolysis plant project cases cover China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Japan, Turkey, Singapore, Uzbekistan, etc. Here are some examples for your reference:

1. Pyrolysis Plant in India

India is a country with a large number of waste tires. Many pyrolysis plants have been established in India to convert waste tires into fuel oil and carbon black. We have set up many pyrolysis plants in different cities in India, not only for processing rubber tires, but also for processing plastic. Now the local government encourages people to set up continuous pyrolysis plants, and our continuous tyre pyrolysis plants are also welcomed and recognized by our Indian customers.

continuous tyre pyrolysis plant in IndiaContinuous tyre pyrolysis plant installed in India

2. Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia

Malaysia is also one of our important markets. Our engineers are currently installing 4 sets of pyrolysis plants in Malaysia. Recently, we almost have two groups of Malaysian customers visiting us every week to discuss pyrolysis project cooperation. There are abundant available materials for recycling and pyrolysis in Malaysia, such as waste tires, plastic, coal tar and waste oil sludge, etc. Now the Malaysian government encourages people to engage in the pyrolysis equipment industry, and there will be government subsidies, so doing pyrolysis equipment business in Malaysia will be very profitable and promising.

pyrolysis plant in MalaysiaDOING pyrolysis plant project cases in Malaysia

3. Pyrolysis Plant in Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries with the largest number of waste tires and plastics in Asia. Many pyrolysis plants have been established in Thailand to convert waste tires and plastics into fuel oil and carbon black. In Thailand, there are special people in the collection of carbon black to do carbon black deep processing, so the sales of carbon black is not a problem. One of our Thai customers already has 36 sets of pyrolysis equipment. He is the customer with the most pyrolysis plant in Thailand. He pursues the latest technology and good quality equipment. He has bought another set of advanced pyrolysis plants from Henan Doing Company recently.

pyrolysis plant in ThailandDOING pyrolysis plant delivered to Thailand

4. Pyrolysis Plant in China

In China, many pyrolysis plants have been established in many provinces under the instructions of Henan Doing Company. Competition in China's pyrolysis industry is relatively fierce. However, there are reasons why Henan Doing Company stands out from many pyrolysis plant suppliers and becomes the choice of many customers: our pyrolysis technology is relatively mature, the equipment is environmentally friendly and durable, and the company's services and comprehensive strength are strong.

pyrolysis plant manufacturer in ChinaPyrolysis plant manufacturer DOING Company certificates

In general, DOING pyrolysis plants provide sustainable solutions for the treatment solid waste materials, reducing environmental pollution and providing a new source of energy. These are also many other examples of pyrolysis plant project cases in Asia, including batch/semi-continuous/fully continuous pyrolysis plants. If you want to know more machine and project info about our pyrolysis plant, please contact us.

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