DOING Pyrolysis Machine Project Cases in America

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Over the past 13 years, DOING pyrolysis plants have been exported to over 90 countries all over the world, and America is one of our main markets in the world. There, we have many pyrolysis machine projects in different countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Suriname, Curacao. Especially in Mexico, we have over 36 pyrolysis machine projects there, and we will build a branch office there in the near future to provide more convenience for our customers.

DOING pyrolysis machine projects in AmericaDOING pyrolysis machine projects in America

The following are some displays of DOING pyrolysis machine project cases in America:

Projetc 1: 10 sets of waste tires pyrolysis machines in La Paz, Mexico

These 10 sets of waste tire pyrolysis machines were installed in 2014, which can help the customer recycle about 100 tons of waste tires per day. And to make full use of the obtained fuel oil, the Mexican customer also installed a set of waste oil distillation machine, which can refine tire pyrolysis oil to non-standard diesel oil.

Waste tires pyrolysis machines in MexicoWaste tires pyrolysis machines in Mexico

Project 2: 1 set of 50TPD continuous pyrolysis machine in Brazil

This is the second cooperation with the Brazilian customer for DOING. At the beginning, the Brazilian customer ordered a set of small scale pyrolysis plants. After receiving satisfactory results, he ordered another set of 50TPD continuous pyrolysis machine from DOING. And with the help of the DOING engineer team, this set of continuous pyrolysis machine was successfully installed and put into operation in March, 2023.

Continuous pyrolysis machine in BrazilContinuous pyrolysis machine in Brazil

Project 3: 1 set of 10TPD waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine in Colombia

To select the suitable pyrolysis machine, the Colombian customer had a visit to DOING factory and had a detailed discussion with our sales manager face-to-face. After this set of pyrolysis machines successfully put into production in Colombia, the Colombian customer was satisfied with the working performance and gave us lots of good feedback.

Waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine in ColombiaWaste tire plastic pyrolysis machine in Colombia

Apart from these three pyrolysis machine projects above mentioned, DOING also has other successful projects in America. If you want to learn more information about pyrolysis machine projects in other countries, just leave a message or contact us directly.

During the cooperating process with our customers, DOING has been committed to enhancing the design and technology of our pyrolysis machines and our services. That's also why more and more customers choose DOING pyrolysis machines to carry out the projects in their countries:

1. Advanced technology and great working performance

Apart from the common batch type and semi-continuous pyrolysis machine, DOING also researched the fully continuous pyrolysis machine, and DOING is one of the few manufacturers and suppliers with successful operation projects of fully continuous pyrolysis machines. And our pyrolysis machine also obtained many patented certificates, which can ensure the quality of our pyrolysis machines to meet customers' demands.

DOING obtained some certificatesDOING obtained some certificates

2. Comprehensive installation and after-sale services

After our customer receives our pyrolysis machines, DOING can provide professional installation and operation guidance, and we can also arrange our engineers to go to the site to guide the installation based on the demands of our customers. In addition, we also have a one-year guarantee service.

Comprehensive services provided by DOINGComprehensive services provided by DOING

In a word, DOING pyrolysis machines have won a great reputation and have many successful project cases in various countries, which will be your best cooperation partner to carry out the pyrolysis machine project in your country. Looking forward to receiving your inquiry!

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