An Indian customer purchased a set of skid-mounted waste tire pyrolysis machine from DOING

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Congratulations! On October 20, 2023, DOING reached a friendly cooperation with our Indian customer on a set of 100 KG skid-mounted waste tire pyrolysis machine.

The following are some details about the waste tire pyrolysis machine purchased by our Indian customer:

Skid-mounted waste tire pyrolysis machine
Machine typeBatch type
Processing capacity100KG per batch
Raw materialWaste tires
Final productsFuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, syn-gas
Detailed configurationsPyrolysis reactor, cooling system, purification system, products collecting system;
AdvantagesFrame type without installation, easy operation, which is suitable for testing;

Our Indian customer has lots of waste tires to be recycled, but he has fewer learning about the pyrolysis machine field, so the skid-mountd waste tire pyrolysis machine is the best choice for him, which allows our Indian customer to conduct tests and experiments to evaluate the feasibility and profitability of waste tire pyrolysis, while gaining valuable insights into the process, understanding the quality and yield of the final products, and making informed decisions for future scaling or expansion.

DOING skid-mounted waste tire pyrolysis machine for saleDOING skid-mounted waste tire pyrolysis machine for sale

When selecting the suitable waste tire pyrolysis machine, the Indian customer was most concerned about the quality and equipped environmental protection system. DOING, a renowned manufacturer in the waste tire recycling industry. Our manufactured waste tire pyrolysis machine can satisfy the demands of our Indian customer.

1. DOING waste tire pyrolysis machine incorporates advanced pyrolysis technology, ensuring effective conversion of waste tires into valuable end products such as fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire. And our pyrolysis reactor also adopts the unique manufacturing materials and welding methods to enhance the working safety and service life.

Design details of DOING waste tire pyrolysis machineDesign details of DOING waste tire pyrolysis machine

2. Although this skid-mounted type waste tire pyrolysis machine only has the processing capacity of 100 KG per batch, it has the complete configuration system from pyrolysis reactor to exhaust purification system, which can purify the exhaust has to meet the emission standard in India. And we can also provide customization services for our Indian customer based on their demands.

3. DOING has a strong reputation for providing comprehensive after-sales services, including installation guidance, training, and technical support, ensuring that our Indian customer can receive the necessary assistance and guidance throughout their initial foray into the pyrolysis machine field.

Comprehensive services provided by DOING companyComprehensive services provided by DOING company

This cooperation between DOING and Indian customer on a set of skid-mounted waste tire pyrolysis machine lay a solid foundation for further cooperation and development between the two parties. Hope our Indian customer have a more flourished business in the waste tire pyrolysis field!

In addition to the skid-mounted waste tire pyrolysis machine, DOING also has other capacities from 1/2TPD to 40/50TPD for your reference. So if you have the idea of investing waste tire pyrolysis machine projects, just feel free to contact us.

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