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Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment

Date:2020-06-08 15:52:40 / Pyrolysis Plant / Give me the price/Leave a message

When you want to do the business of waste tires and plastic recycling to fuel oil, but you worry that if the effect of this pyrolysis equipment is good. At this time, the small scale capacity pyrolysis equipment will be your best choice.

small pyrolysis equipmentSmall scale pyrolysis equipment

Function of small scale pyrolysis equipment

Small scale pyrolysis equipment mainly used to recycle of waste by the pyrolysis principle. This small scale pyrolysis equipment can process 500kg-2000kg material. It’s a batch one, for one batch ,it takes about 20 hours. And it needs water to cool the oil gas, and the water is recycled.

Application of small scale pyrolysis equipment

The scope application of small scale pyrolysis equipment is relatively wide, and it can handle most urban waste plastics, except PET and PVC, And it also can be used to recycle waste tires and rubbers even waste sludge.

small pyrolysis equipmentThe raw material of small scale pyrolysis equipment

Advantage of small scale pyrolysis equipment

The cost of the small scale pyrolysis machine is low, and you can start with this small scale pyrolysis equipment to see the effect. Besides, it’s easy to install, no foundation, short installation period, and it’s easy to operate.

End product of small scale pyrolysis equipment

You can get 45% fuel oil, 30% carbon black, 15% steel wire, and 10% combustible gas from small scale pyrolysis equipment by treating the waste tires, and when processing plastics, depending on the quality of the plastics, 30%-90% of fuel oil can be obtained, and the rest is carbon black and exhaust gas.

Application of end product from small scale pyrolysis equipment

Fuel oil is a kind of high calorific value fuel, which can be sold to cement plants, boiler plants, steel plants, etc. as fuel. Carbon black is also a kind of high calorific value fuel. The calorific value is similar to coal and can replace coal. Combustible gas is generally used as auxiliary fuel to directly heat pyrolysis reactor or is collected and sold on the market.

pyrolysis equipment Application of fuel oil and carbon black from small scale pyrolysis equipment

We DOING company, has been producing this small scale pyrolysis equipment for more than ten years and has been well received in the industry. In addition, we also supply large capacity pyrolysis equipment for mass production as well as continuous pyrolysis equipment with a higher degree of automation.

We have sold our pyrolysis equipment to more than 70 countries in the world and have rich installation experience. Welcome to tell us your processing capacity and budget, and we will give you a specific quotation. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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