Henan Doing Company secures deal for 15-ton tire pyrolysis equipment with Brazilian client

Date:2023-11-15 15:03:00 / News/ Give me the project information/Leave a message

Henan Doing Company is delighted to announce the successful cooperation: on October 24, 2023, we signed the contract of supplying a 15-ton tire pyrolysis equipment to a client based in Brazil.

tyre pyrolysis equipment for sale15 ton tire pyrolysis equipment for sale

The Brazilian customer, already involved in the tire pyrolysis business, had previously encountered operational difficulties with a pyrolysis unit purchased from another company. Faced with an expansion requirement, they made a strategic decision to conduct a thorough evaluation of various pyrolysis equipment technologies, design details, and overall manufacturer capabilities before finalizing their choice.

During their research, the client discovered our company's presence on YouTube, where they followed our tire pyrolysis equipment videos and actively engaged with our online factory live streams. Impressed by the reliability and professionalism showcased by Henan Doing Company, they recognized our expertise in mature tire pyrolysis technology, vast project installation experience, and specialized service system.

Encouraged by these findings, our Brazilian client initiated direct communication with our dedicated sales manager to customize suitable tire pyrolysis equipment solution. And finally, our Brazilian customer was satisfied with the solution which can improve the stability and efficiency of the whole tire pyrolysis processing line, and ordered a set of 15-ton tire pyrolysis equipment.

We are excited about this collaboration and eagerly anticipate further opportunities to support our clients in achieving their waste pyrolysis production goals. As we move forward, Henan Doing Company remains dedicated to innovation and excellence in the tire pyrolysis industry, serving customers worldwide with cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service.

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