Jiangxi customer purchased 4 sets of 20TPD pyrolysis plants from Doing Company

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On April 24, 2022, a customer in Jiangxi province, China, purchased 4 sets of 20TPD pyrolysis plants from Henan Doing Company through the recommendation of our old customer. These 4 sets of pyrolysis plants can process both waste tires and plastics into fuel oil, syn-gas energy, etc.

This Jiangxi customer has work experience in pyrolysis of waste tires and waste plastics. After seeing the considerable profit potential of the waste tire and waste plastic recycling project, he decided to start the waste tire and waste plastic recycling business himself. Because of his rich experience, this Jiangxi customer was also very cautious when selecting machines, and he paid great attention to the process flow, technical design and cost performance of the pyrolysis plant.

700间歇.jpg20tpd waste tyres pyrolysis plant

After the recommendation of DOING's old customer, this Jiangxi customer contacted us to formulate a production solution of waste tires&plastic pyrolysis and assist in the relevant project procedures. Our sales manager enthusiastically held a video conference with him, and showed him the customized production solution of purchasing 4 sets of 20TPD pyrolysis plants, the specific machine design and pyrolysis plant operation videos feedback from other customers for reference.

700-500炼油设备对比图.jpgDifferent type pyrolysis plants

The Jiangxi customer said that he had actually seen the operating conditions of other brands' pyrolysis plants before and they couldn't meet his satisfaction. In contrast, as our old customers said, Doing company's production strength, project experience and after-sales service are all trustworthy, and our waste tires&plastic pyrolysis plant is the most cost-effective. Doing has been committed to providing customers with high-quality machines, and is very happy to receive the trust and recognition of our customers.

After the customer successfully went through the project procedures, this Jiangxi customer personally visited Doing Company to sign a contract with us, and ordered 4 sets of 20TPD pyrolysis plants. At present, we have installed waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plants and waste oil/pyrolysis oil to diesel refinery plants in 90+ countries around the world. If you have the idea of investing related waste to oil fuel recycling business for profit, please feel free to contact us for customized production solutions and high quality machines.

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