Best waste tyre disposal methods

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As we all know, the random discarding of waste tyres can cause pollution to water, air and soil. Once the waste tyres are burned, the pollution consequences are even more unimaginable,it will bring almost a global ecological disaster. Recently, the fire of the world's largest waste tyre factory in Kuwait has already sounded the alarm for us. The "black pollution" caused by waste tyres is like a sword of Damocles hanging high over humans. We must find the best waste tyre disposal method.

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe tire fire in Kuwait

In fact, many experts have long demonstrated that the best waste tyre disposal method is pyrolysis. The practice of these years has also proved that it can realize the recycling of waste tyres. Not only the pollution to the environment is small, but the product utilization rate is high, and the market is broad.

High-temperature pyrolysis is the use of pyrolysis chemical reaction to pyrolyze waste tyres into oil and gas in a closed, anaerobic, high-temperature environment, and further cool to obtain fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. It needs to go through the steps of tyre pretreatment, continuous pyrolysis, cooling, exhaust gas purification, carbon black emission and oil fume treatment.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant

The following is its specific workflow.

1. tyre pre-treatment

Use a wire drawing machine to pull out the steel wire from the tyre, and use a feeder cage to seal and transport the waste tyre to the reactor.

2. Continuous pyrolysis

The rubber powder transported to the reactor is cracked under high temperature and oxygen-free conditions, and generates oil and gas after reaching a certain temperature.

3. Cooling

The generated oil and gas are buffered by the buffer tank and then enter the condensing system for cooling. Pass through the buffer condensate tank, vertical condenser and horizontal condenser in turn to condense the oil and gas into oil

4. Tail gas purification

After passing through the condensing system, the remaining non-condensable combustible gas is processed by the tail gas purification system and used as fuel for heating the cracking reactor.

5. Discharge carbon black

Drain the carbon black from the reactor with a carbon black twisting cage

6. Fume treatment

After the flue gas generated during the heating process of the reactor enters the desulfurization tower for purification treatment, it reaches the national environmental protection emission standard and is discharged into the atmosphere.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWorkflow of waste tire pyrolysis plant

Now that you have found the best waste tyre disposal method, if you don't want the tragedy like Kuwait to happen again, then act quickly. Doing Group can provide you with the best waste tyre pyrolysis plant and the most suitable plan for your needs, please feel free to contact us.

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