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What should be paid attention to during the operation of the scrap tire pyrolysis plant?

Date:2019-10-21 13:47:31 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Scrap tire pyrolysis plant can crack scrap tires to obtain fuel oil, which is very popular all over the world. However, when operating this scrap tire pyrolysis plant, you need to pay attention to the following things.

scrap tire pyrolysis plantScrap tire pyrolysis plant operation site

1. Before operating the scrap tire pyrolysis plant, you need to check if the parts are not working properly. Such as motors, pumps, power systems, etc.

2. During the start of the scrap tire pyrolysis plnt. You need to keep an eye on the temperature display of the thermometer and the pressure value of the pressure valve. Controlling burner heating based on different temperatures. Usually, during the scrap tire pyrolysis process, you need to operate the heating process at least 4 times through the burner to thoroughly crack the scrap tires to obtain a higher oil yield.

3. At the end of the scrap tire pyrolysis plant operation, it is necessary to observe whether the scrap tires in the reactor have been completely cracked by observing the thermometer.

4. If it is determined that the scrap tires have all been cracked, it is necessary to turn on our DOING company's professional negative pressure device and reactor cooling system, then you can quickly cool the reactor down to start the next operation.

scrap tire pyrolysis plantDOING company's professional negative pressure device

5. After cooling the reaction vessel, carbon black should be discharged. Our scrap tire pyrolysis plant uses an advanced carbon black wind conveying system that automatically discharges carbon black into storage tanks in a closed environment. By this system, to ensure the cleanliness of the scrap tire pyrolysis plant site.

tire pyrolysis plantCarbon black wind conveying system of scrap tire pyrolysis plant

The design of each scrap tire pyrolysis plant is different. Our pyrolysis plant adopts professional safety design to ensure the quality of the machine, and we will arrange our professional engineer train the your workers to operate the machine correctly before operation. And the engineer will test the machine to ensure that the equipment is delivered to the customer for operation after normal operation.

If you are also running scrap tire pyrolysis plant, or if you want to recycle scrap tires by our machine, please feel free to contact us, we will guide your project with professional attitude and knowledge.

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