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What is DOING's waste tyre pyrolysis plant warranties and other technical support services?

Date:2020-01-02 16:59:20 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ/ Give me the price/Leave a message

In the last 10 years, pyroysis technology is more and more commonly used for waste tyre recycling and management due to its high economic benefit, which also brings many waste tyre pyrolysis plant suppliers. But since waste tyre pyrolysis fuel oil belongs to medium or big chemical project and the investment is not small, so before starting this project, every customer wants to know what kind of warranties and technical support services the waste tyre pyrolysis plant supplier can provide.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis plant project

As the waste tyre pyrolysis plant supplier, we will provide the following warranties and technical support services.Regarding the warranties, we provide one year’swarranty time for our waste tyre pyrolysis plant and the warranty time starts from the pyrolysis plant finished installation and running successfully. The pyrolysis plant installation is under the guidance of our engineer to ensure all the parts of the plant are in correct position and then reduce the probability of problems. After the pyrolysis plant is erected, our engineer will run the plant at least 3 times before he goes back to China, among which the first time running is to do machine commissioning, find and remove the potential problems, during the 2nd and 3rd time running our engineer will teach workers how to operate the pyrolysis plant and tell them the precautions during the operation.

tyre pyrolysis plantOur engineer was running the waste tyre pyrolysis plant for customer in Pakistan

If our waste tyre pyrolysis plant has problems in the warranty time, firstly we will provide the on-line support from our professional after sales team, but if our online support cannot solve the problem, we will send engineer to our pyrolysis plant user again until the problem got solved, but this can hardly happen because our waste pyrolysis plant will not appear such big problem.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to deal with the situation that the reactor is on fire when discharging the slag?

2. How to deal with the situation that the oil gas outlet is leaking and on fire?

3. How to deal with the interrupt caused by emergency power out or other equipment failure?


waste tyre pyrolysis plantDetailed operation &maintenance manual of waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Regarding technical support services, we provide detailed operation &maintenance manual, 3D process video as well as 3D foundation drawing. If our customer wants wants to start the civil works before our engineer arriving, our technical department can make the waste tyre pyrolysis plant layout drawing according to customer’s land, then with the layout, customer can exactly get the place to build the foundation, which can help our customer save a lot of time.

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