Pyrolysis oil distillation plant

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oil distillation plant

Pyrolysis oil distillation plant

With the rapidly development of world economy, oil resource is becoming more and more important in our life. Thus, looking for a new energy way has been on the agenda in many countries.

distillation plant

3 D picture of pyrolysis oil distillation plant

Although we can get pyrolysis oil from waste tyre, rubber or plastic by waste tyre pyrolysis plant .it seems lots of people would like to pursue higher quality oil, like diesel and gasoline. Thereby, the pyrolysis oil distillation plant becomes a very hot and highly profitable green project, which cost low, collect raw material easily and convert pyrolysis oil to diesel or gasoline efficiently (oil recovery rate is about 90%).

Pyrolysis oil distillation plant working process

pyrolysis oil distillation plant

Pyrolysis oil distillation plant process pyrolysis oil to diesel  fuel

The complete pyrolysis oil distillation plant has four steps:

Firstly, the raw material enters the raw material precipitation tank through the oil pipe; then adds the degumming catalyst; after finishing this step, we can inject air into the precipitation tank for about 30 minutes through the air compressor; by this step, the degumming pyrolysis will be fully mixed with raw material. Next let the liquid subside for 3 hours.

Secondly, after 3 hours, the sediment of the raw material precipitation tank will be discharged, and then the crude oil, which has finished the precipitation, will be pulled into distillation tower through the oil pipe.

Thirdly, start to distill the oil with high temperature, and use fuel oil to heat distillation reactor; at this time, the raw material will be heated circularly between the oil heating furnace and distillation reactor; when it reaches the related temperature, the oil gas of each reactor will enter the heat exchange system and condenser system in order through the distillation tower. The final products including gasoline and diesel will be stored into oil tank respectively.

After processed by the pyrolysis oil distillation plant, the various kinds of waste oil can be turned into diesel or gasoline, which makes the pyrolysis oil price higher in the market and have wider applications. It is the best choice for the pyrolysis oil buyers to further process the oil.

Pyrolysis oil distillation plant advantage

distillation plant

Pyrolysis oil distillation plant project case

1.High production yield: the raw material recovery ratio is about 90%. When the water content is less than 5%, the ratio can even exceed 90%.

1. High on-stream efficiency without corrosion, fouling, and coking.
2. Auto feeding and slag discharging assists the pyrolysis oil distillation equipment/plant in achieving continuous running for the whole day.
3.Featured with environment protection operation tech and devices. In and after the process, no soil, water or air pollution exists.
4.The most cost-effective oil refining to diesel technology in China.
5. It is easy for the pyrolysis oil distillation plant to clean and maintain with vertical structure.
6. The system creates an alternative of energy to replace petroleum products and natural gas.

Pyrolysis oil distllation plant final product application

pyrolysis oil distillation plant

Diesel fuel applicaion

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