Pyrolysis plant to extract oil from recycle tyres

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pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre

Every year, millions of old, used tyres from cars and trucks pile up as waste. Researchers have discovered a way to cPyrolysis plant to extract oil from recycle tyres. They have designed highly technical, specialized equipment that heats the rubber from the tires to a very high temperature. The gas created by this heating is funneled through a condenser which separates the gas from the oil that is also created.

extract oil from waste tyre

Pyrolysis plant to extract oil from recycle tyres

Pyrolysis plant to extract oil from recycle tyres is a good project for recycling centers, collection organizations etc. DOING Pyrolysis plant to extract oil from recycle tyres adhere to constantly updated product, guarantee high-quality product and offer full-service for our clients. DOING is your trustworthy partner, welcome to contact us.

tyre to fuel oil

Pyrolysis plant to extract oil from recycle tyres

Put old tyre into reactor after necessary decontamination processing and simple cutting, then close the door. Heat the reactor with wood, coal, oil or gas. When temperature reaches 100 degrees, pyrolysis starts in the reactor. And oil gas comes out from oil outlet. When oil gas from reactor goes through catalyst chamber, top cooling pipe, oil- waster separator, heavy oil is collected in the heavy oil tank. Other oil gas continue to go through high-power cooling system ( horizontal condenser) and cooling down , finally collect into the light oil tank. Uncondensable gas can be recycled to heat the pyrolysis machine reactor. When all the oil gas is extracted out, only carbon black and steel wire left in the reactor. After reactor cooling down, carbon black and steel wire slagging out automatically. Steel wire can be sold directly in the market to the steel factory. After process with a magnetic separator, carbon black mix with organic chemical adhesive can be used to make coal briquette. The calorific value reach to 6000 calories. It is a very good energy used to heat the reactor instead of wood , coal, gas, fuel.

tyre recycling to fuel oil

Fuel oil application

Fuel oil: Widely used as fuel oil in industries such as steel and iron factories, ceramics or chemical industries or hotels, restaurants etc. or used for generators to get electricity.

tyre pyrolysis plant

Carbon black application

Carbon black: used for construction bricks with clay also can be used as fuel

Steel wires: Sold or reprocessing
Combustible gas: Can be recycled and used during process as fuel.



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