50 TPD fully continuous pyrolysis machine installed in Brazil

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In March 2023, Henan Doing Company assisted our Brazilian customer install a big scale 50TPD fully continuous pyrolysis machine. And till now, the fully continuous pyrolysis machine has smoothly finished the trial running and put into operation.

Pyrolysis Project Details:

Raw materialswaste tires and plastic
Final Productsfuel oil, carbon black, syn-gas, etc.
Applicationssolid waste treatment and recycling
Machine configurationsnormal continuous pyrolysis reactor&cooling system, fast heating system, dedusting system, desulfurization tower, etc.
Advantageshigh efficiency, big processing capacity, high automation degree, environmental protection, greater economic profits

It's worth mentioning that the Brazilian customer was our regular customer, who had ordered twice for purchasing the pyrolysis machines.

The first time, he contacted us and bought a small skid-mounted pyrolysis machine. The small scale pyrolysis machine is free installation, and it was used for trail running. And by seeing the operation and performance of a small pyrolysis machine, he knew well about our machine quality and felt the professional technical services offered by our Company.

small skid-mounted pyrolysis plantSmall skid-mounted pyrolysis plant supplied by DOING

So when he had the expansion demand, he contacted us without hesitation to talk about the details and quotes of our 50TPD fully continuous pyrolysis machine. Based on your customer's requirements, our dedicated sales manager made a detailed introduction about our machine details and our project running videos for reference.

Henan Doing Company is an equipment manufacturer that can provide relatively mature fully continuous pyrolysis technology, and we have a successful long-term operating site of fully continuous pyrolysis machines. Therefore, we achieved good cooperation and the Brazil customer placed orders again and purchased a set of 50TPD fully continuous pyrolysis machines in December, 2021.

Our manufacturing factory issued a production start notice soon when we got the order. And in July 2022, all parts of the 50TPD fully continuous pyrolysis plant were successfully loaded and shipped to the Brazilian port. Our sales manager kept in touch with the Brazilian customer all the time to inform the fabrication and delivery states of fully continuous pyrolysis machine. And when all the machines arrived at the customer’s pyrolysis plant site and he prepared all the things, our engineers provided all-around services to guide the installation of pyrolysis machine.

fully continuous pyrolysis plantFully continuous pyrolysis machine installed in Brazil

Now the operation of 50TPD fully continuous pyrolysis machine has officially entered the right track. If you have plans to invest in a big scale fully continuous pyrolysis project and make high profits, welcome to leave your inquiry to Henan Doing Company.

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