How is waste plastic converted into fuel?

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We all know that waste plastic can be burned directly as fuel. In the past, people used to burn waste plastic to get quantity of heat for electricity. But this method has caused serious air pollution and also harmed the health of human being. So how can waste plastic be converted into fuel and won't have pollution? Using waste plastic pyrolysis plant to convert plastic into pyrolysis oil can realize this aim.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant using the principle of high-temperature pyrolysis, not only can convert plastic into pyrolysis oil, but also can get carbon black, which also can be sold for money. Most important, in the whole plastic pyrolysis process, the gas and smoke are both processed by environmental protection devices, which won't have pollution to environment. As for how is waste plastic converted into fuel in pyrolysis plant? Doing Company introduce it for you in details.

There are five-step process of waste plastic pyrolysis plant:

1. Feeding and heating.

The waste plastic is directly transported into the pyrolysis reactor by auto-feeder, and a lot of oil gas will be produced when the pyrolysis reactor reaches a certain temperature.

2. Buffering and cooling

After a large amount of oilgas is generated, the flow rate of oil and gas is buffered by the buffer tank to avoid insufficient cooling caused by too fast oil gas flow. The buffered oil gas is cooled by three-step cooling system. At this time, the condensable oil gas has been completely cooled into oil and enters the oil tank.

3.Tail gas purification

Non-condensable gas is also known as tail gas, which contains combustible gas but smells like hydrogen sulfide. After being treated by the tail gas purification system, it can be directly used as fuel heating the reactor, thus saving fuel.

4. Flue gas purification

In the process of waste plastic pyrolysis will produce flue gas, these flue gas will contain a small amount of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and so on, so it is equipped with a desulfurization purification tower to purify the flue gas, after secondary purification, the gas has achieved environmental emission standards, can be directly discharged into the atmosphere.

5. Product collection

The products of waste plastic pyrolysis include fuel oil and combustible gas, and the oil is stored in the oil tank, and combustible gas can be introduced into the furnace for heating through the gas pipe. As for the carbon black can be collected for selling or be further processed.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWorkflow of waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Application of pyrolysis oil from plastic:

The pyrolysis oil from plastic can be used as fuel directly. So it can be sold to large scale factory for as industrial fuel. If you want to get high quality oil like diesel and increase the value of your products, you can use waste oil distillation machine to further process the pyrolysis oil.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine

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