How long is the payback period of investing waste plastic pyrolysis machine?

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As is known to most people, waste plastic recycling to fuel oil, converting waste into treasure, is a business which could bring very handsome profit. It will cost much money to buy waste plastic pyrolysis machine. While the payback period of investing waste plastic pyrolysis machine can be only few months. In general, the payback period of waste plastic pyrolysis machine is mainly affected by the final product.

plastic to oilThe final product of waste plastic pyrolysis machine

Plastics are often created from petroleum products and plastic in its raw state is made up of a range of organic polymers, after thermal decomposition inside the waste plastic pyrolysis machine, the plastic polymers can be broken down into smaller carbon chain which is fuel oil, the residue after pyrolysis is plastic carbon black. Some non-condensable gases are also produced during the pyrolysis process. While different types of plastics have different oil yields. For e.g., the oil yield of HDPE is ≥70%,LDPE 30%-50%, and engineering plastics about 40%. Of course, you can choose plastics with high oil yield to be disposed of for a higher profit.

plastic pyrolysis machineOil yields of different types of plastics

The obtained plastic fuel oil, carbon black and non-condensable gases can be sold commercially. Plastic fuel oil is widely used in industrial and chemical enterprises such as iron and steel mills, ceramic factories, hotels, restaurants, etc. for heating purpose, and it can also be used for heavy oil generators to generate power. Plastic pyrolysis carbon black can be used as a raw material for building cement bricks, and can also be further processed into industrial carbon black, semi-reinforcing carbon black, and pigment carbon black, which are widely used. Non-condensable gases can be heated directly in the pyrolysis reactor to save fuel cost, or be collected to sold.

plastic pyrolysis machineAppliactions of plastic fuel oil and carbon black

Here is rough profit analysis for our 10ton capacity waste plastic pyrolysis machine.

Daily consumption:

Cost of 10ton mixed plastics with oil yield 50%:USD200

Cost of heating energy: USD120

Cost of electricity: USD15

Cost of labors(2-3): USD200

Cost of chemicals: USD 5

Total: USD540  

Daily income:

5Ton plastic fuel oil: USD2,000.00

3Ton plastic carbon black: USD150

Total: USD2,150.00

Daily profit: USD1,610.00

Monthly profit(25days): USD40,250.00

The total investment of our 10ton waste plastic pyrolysis machine including shipping and factory building is between usd100,000.00--usd150,000.00. From the above rough analysis, the payback period is less than 4months. But since the price of plastics and fuel oil varies, the payback period of investing waste plastic pyrolysis machine is also different. If you wanna get a more accurate payback period, please feel free to contact with us.

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