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What is the use of pyrolysis oil from pyrolysis plant?

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Pyrolysis oil mainly refers to the tire pyrolysis oil obtained from the tire pyrolysis plant and the plastic pyrolysis oil obtained from the plastic pyrolysis plant. The pyrolysis oil has high calorific value and can be used as fuel in industrial plants. Another use of pyrolysis oil is to extract diesel oil.

pyrolysis plantThe pyrolysis oil from pyrolysis plant

In recent years, the volatile crude oil market has led many to favor pyrolysis oil, which are easier to market and sell at better prices. So you might ask, well, what is the use of pyrolysis oil from pyrolysis plant?

Before analyzing the use of pyrolysis oil, let us first understand how the pyrolysis oil is obtained.

Pyrolysis plant in the anaerobic high temperature pyrolyzed waste tires, waste plastics into oil gas, carbon black and non-condensable gas. The oil gas condenses into oil through the circulating water cooling system. This oil is called pyrolysis oil. And the pyrolysis plant will not cause secondary pollution to the environment in the process of converting waste tires or waste plastics into pyrolysis oil.

tire pyrolysis plantPyrolysis plant was being installed

The pyrolysis oil obtained from pyrolysis plant has a higher calorific value than some common fuels. Because of this advantage, one use of pyrolysis oil is as a fuel in some industrial plants. Tests show that the pyrolysis oil can be used for agricultural vehicles, heavy-oil generators and so on.

use of pyrolysis oilUse of pyrolysis oil from pyrolysis plant

Another use of pyrolysis oil is that it can be further extracted into diesel oil which is very similar to standard diesel no matter from the color or smell by pyrolysis oil distillation plant. The diesel from pyrolysis oil can be used in diesel generator and heavy machinery.

It is the wide use of pyrolysis oil that further promotes the conversion of more waste tires and plastics into pyrolysis oil. This kind of pyrolysis plant can reduce the pollution of waste tire and waste plastic to environment and develop new available energy.

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