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How to realize environmental protection of waste tyre to oil plant?

Date:2019-05-21 17:59:22 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ/ Give me the price/Leave a message

The environmental protection of waste tyre to oil plant can be realized by environmental protection devices. Environmental protection devices mainly include circulating water cooling system, high efficiency pulse dust collector, desulfurization tower deodorization system and carbon black discharge device.

Waste tyre pyrolysis project has attracted much attention in recent years. Not only because the waste tyre to oil plant can extract fuel oil which has higher profit, more importantly, waste tyre to oil plant is environmentally friendly, and will not cause pollution to the environment.

tyre to oil plantNew waste tyre to oil plant

How to realize environmental protection of waste tyre to oil plant? What are the environmental protection control devices of waste tyre to oil plant?

1. Circulating water cooling system

Waste tyre to oil plant adopts tubular condenser, in which the oil is in the pipe and the water is outside the pipe during the cooling process. The contact between water and oil is zero, and the cooling water can be recycled without discharge.

waste tyre to oil plantCirculating water cooling system

2. High efficiency pulse dust collector

If the fuel is coal or wood, then waste tyre to oil plant will produce a large amount of smoke, this situation can use pulse dust collector. The pulse dust collector is a dry type dust remover that does not discharge any water.

3. Desulfurization tower deodorization system

Exhaust gas in waste tyre to oil plant mainly comes from production process. The main component of exhaust gas is c1-c4 and other non-condensable but highly flammable gases. Under normal circumstances, the non-condensable but highly flammable gases can be directly recycled to heat tire pyrolysis reactor to save other fuels. But the exhaust gas also contains a small amount of polluting gas. These polluting gases, if discharged directly into the air, not only have a pungent smell, and harmful to human health.

For the polluting gas, DOING company has launched the desulfurization tower deodorization system, which is specially used to remove harmful gas. Exhaust emissions from waste tyre to oil plant can meet the national standards.

tyre to oil plantDischarge pollution-free gas

4. Carbon black discharge device

The solids produced by waste tyre to oil plant are mainly steel wire and carbon black. Carbon black, in particular, will cause environmental pollution if not handled properly. And carbon black discharge device can collect carbon black from the reactor of waste tyre to oil plant into the container, without large area of scattered in the air. Steel wire can be sold to recycling plants or sent to steel mills for reprocessing.

tyre to oil plantCollection of carbon black

Comprehensive above device, waste tyre to oil plant in waste water, waste gas, solid waste discharge can meet the national standards. At the same time, it enables customers to take environmental protection into consideration while making profits.

At present, the waste tyre to oil plant has been well received by domestic and foreign customers.

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