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What happens to used tyres  ?

Date:2015-08-28 18:48:56 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ

tyre recycling machine

Waste tyre recycling

It is estimated that that there are 2or3 billion scrap tyres stockpiled in the US, a situation that is mirrored in countries round the world. Scrap vehicle tyres make a significant contribution to the generation of waste. For instance, the rate of scrap tyre generation in industrialized countries is approximately one passenger car tyre equivalent (PTE, or 9 kg) per capita per year.

The most noticeable problem associated with large tyre piles is the fire hazard they present. Once a tyre pile catches fire, it is very hard, if not impossible, to extinguish. In some instances, tyre piles have been burning for several months with the black fumes being visible for many miles. Diseases such as encephalitis and dengue fever have also been reported around scrap tyre piles, particularly in areas with warmer climates which are an ideal breeding ground for diseasecarrying mosquitoes. So it is important and urgent to manage the pollution and problems caused by waste tyres.
Now the tyre recycling industry is experiencing tremendous growth., but which method will be the best way to recycle waste tyres?

tyre recycling

Waste tyre recycling

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