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Tire sidewall cutter

Date:2015-08-05 16:23:43 / Tire cutting machine

Application of tire sidewall cutter

Tire sidewall cutter  is used to separate the tire side from the whole tire. Now the steel wire from tire sides of vacuum tires is thick and hard to curve, so before feeding the waste tires into reactor, it is better to cut the tire sides down. Besides, this part of tire has good value, circle cutting machine helps collecting these thick steel wires.

Technical parameters of tire sidewall cutter




Size of Tires







Working principle of tire sidewall cutter

Place the waste tire on the round terrace; rotate the hand wheel so that thinner side of the tire can be locked by the four claws frame. Then turn on the power, the terrace will begin to rotate with the tire, and then make the cuttingknife cut into the tire according to the need until cut down the whole sidewall.

Characteristics of tire sidewall cutter

1. tire is easily placed, so you can have a high output and efficiency.
2. simplicity of operation.
3. long service life.
4.environmentally friendly, no pollution (no waste gas, no waste residue, no polluted water), meeting the environmental requirement of the government.
5. simple structure, light weight, less occupied area.
6.knife is made from alloy, hard wear resistant, can be used after repeatedly grinding
7. shear force, low energy consumption, safety.
8. our electric ring cutter is very popular in this rubber raw material machinery in China and abroad.

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