A Thai customer purchased a set of cooling system of pyrolysis machine

Date:2024-02-29 13:22:03 / News/ Give me the project information/Leave a message

On February 18, 2024, DOING received a special order-a Thailand customer purchased a set of cooling system of pyrolysis machine, aiming to improve the work performance of his pyrolysis machine purchased from another factory.

After receiving the inquiry of the Thailand customer for the first time, our sales manager made a detailed learning of the core demands of the Thai customer. The Thai customer has his own cement factory, which needs lots of fuel oil and carbon black as heating fuels, but there are some malfunctions in the cooling system of the pyrolysis machine that the customer purchased from another factory. After learning the overall strength and project cases of DOING Group, the Thailand customer sent the inquiry to DOING. Then our engineer made a customized scheme for the Thai customer to help him solve the problems he encountered.

DOING cooling system for saleDOING cooling system for sale

DOING cooling system has the industrial cooling effect, adopting shell and tube condensers design, which can not only increase the cooling space to enhance the cooling effect, but also won't produce any waste pollution.

After signing the contract with the Thailand customer, DOING immediately sent the fabrication notice to the factory together with the detailed requirements. After finishing the fabrication, the equipment will be delivered to Thailand and our engineer will provide the professional guidance and training to help the Thai customer solve the problems he encountered.

Overall services provided by DOINGOverall services provided by DOING

As the top manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis machines, DOING has professional and overall research about every part of the pyrolysis machine as well as the whole production line. So if you have any questions about the pyrolysis machine, just feel free to contact us, our sales manager will provide a detailed scheme for you.

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