A Haitian customer purchased 2 sets of 15TPD new waste oil refining equipment from DOING company

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    On June 10, 2022, a Haitian customer purchased 2 sets of 15TPD new designed waste oil refining to diesel equipment from Doing Company! This new type of waste oil to diesel equipment uses catalyst instead of acid-base solution to refine waste oil such as waste motor oil, tire/plastic pyrolysis oil into diesel oil and asphalt, with energy saving, high efficiency and labor saving.

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    This Haitian customer contacted us through our company's official website on March 12. The customer runs a group company, which deals in coal mines, oil and gas and hotels. This is the first time the customer has imported from China. The customer is very cautious. He asked three third parties to help him consult and refer. After investigation, we found that we have rich experience in the waste oil refining industry, especially in the South American market, and our new refining process is also very competitive. In addition, our company's strength is relatively top-notch in the same industry, and the customer finally chose We also sent a third party to visit the factory on May 19.

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    After the customer's visit, our project manager made a detailed plan for the customer, including the specific processing capacity of the equipment, energy supply method, motor power, etc. In addition to this, our sales manager also showed a video of our waste oil to diesel equipment in operation for this Haitian customer's reference. Haitian customers said that DOING has strong manufacturing strength, high equipment quality and rich project experience, so they decisively signed an order with DOING, and the whole cooperation process was very pleasant.

    If you also want to start a waste oil refining business and get huge profits, welcome to inquire and customize the best solution and waste oil to diesel equipment !

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