How to refine waste oil into diesel?

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Waste oil is used and discarded oil , including waste engine oil, tire pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil, crude oil, heavy and black oil,etc. Waste oil is a kind of energy source, if we throw it away, it can not only cause environment pollution, but also energy waste.

In order to recycle and resuse waste oil, Henan Doing designed waste oil distillation machine, which can refine waste oil into diesel.Then,how to realize the refining of waste oil into diesel? What is the working process? Next, I will take the Henan Doing waste oil distillation machine as an example to introduce the working process.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine

 First, turn on the oil pump to pump the waste oil into the distillation reactor;

 Second,use heat conducting oil to preheat the whole system, and then open burner to heat the distillation reactor,until the oil gas generate;

 Third, as the temperature rises, the light oil fraction will be distilled out. When the temperature is higher, the heavy oil fraction will be distilled out, and the oil gas can be cooled into primany diesel through cooling system,then enter into the oil tank;

 Four, the primany diesel is pumped into the decolorization and deodorization tanks through the oil pump to remove the wax and gum in the primany diesel, and at the same time remove the unpleasant smell of the primany diesel.

 Finally, we can obtain good quality diesel from waste oil distillation machine. If you want to get better quality, light yellow color diesel, then you can add a purification system to further purify the diesel.

waste oil distillation machineWorkflow of waste oil distillation machine

The final diesel product could be used as alternative fuel in diesel burners, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery,etc.

The capacity of Henan Doing waste oil distillation machine is between 100KG and 14T, the diesel yield can reach 85%. If you want to know more information about waste oil distillation machine, welcome to consult us.

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