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12T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant installed in Indonesia

Date:2020-01-11 14:57:26 / Pyrolysis plant Projects Case/ Give me the project information/Leave a message

Congratulations! DOING's 12T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant was successfully installed in Indonesia. Pictures of the installation site are shown below.

plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant was being installed

Indonesian customer buy waste plastic pyrolysis plant from DOING machinery to process local waste plastics. This is an efficient machine that can turn waste plastic into fuel oil. This waste plastic pyrolysis plant is suitable for waste tires, rubber, medical waste and other organic waste disposal.After the customer placed the order, DOING incorporated the production of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant into the production plan, and completed the production and delivery as planned.

After the equipment arrived at the customer's factory, we sent experienced installation engineer to instruct the Indonesian customer to install the machine. After the installation is completed, our engineers also debug the machine. The following is the picture of the device being debugged.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant was being debugged

In the process of debugging the waste plastic pyrolysis plant, our engineer will also train the operators of the customer's factory. The production process like this will last 3-4 times until the workers can fully master the operation of the pyrolysis plant.Through delivery, installation, commissioning and other aspects of the service, the customer gave us a high evaluation: “DOING machinery is a reliable partner”.

DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant is environmentally friendly, and all kinds of emissions can meet the environmental standards of the European Union. Therefore, the customer is also very satisfied with our machine performance.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantThe fuel oil obtained from waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Through the operation of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant for a period of time, it can dispose of the large amount of waste plastic accumulated in the vicinity of the customer, and greatly improve the living environment of the local people.

The DY-10T and DY-12T are our best-sellers. If you want to invest in waste plastics, waste tire pyrolysis projects, please contact us.

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