What is the use of pyrolysis oil from waste tire pyrolysis plant?

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The pyrolysis oil produced from the waste tire pyrolysis plant, also known as tyre pyrolysis oil, which has a calorific value of nearly 10,000 kcal and can be used as a fuel source for industrial boilers. Or pyrolysis oil can be further processed into diesel fuel for use.

use of pyrolysis oilUse of pyrolysis oil

According to relevant data, the number of waste tires every year in the proportion of 8% rapid increase. The accumulation of waste tires not only pollutes the environment, but also may cause fire. If the waste tire can be well treated, it can reasonably change the living environment, level and quality of life of urban residents.

The main materials that make up the waste tires are some rubber, carbon black, special additives, steel wire, polymer and other chemicals. With the development of science and technology, pyrolysis technology is used in waste tire recycling industry. The waste tire can be converted into pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire by waste tire pyrolysis plant .

tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant

So what is the use of pyrolysis oil from waste tire pyrolysis plant?

The calorific value of tyre pyrolysis oil is close to 10,000 kcal. It is used as a heating material for boilers in many industrial plants. For example, tyre pyrolysis oil can be used in steel works, large cement factory, brick factory, glass factory and so on. It can also extract benzene, toluene, xylene and limonene from tire pyrolysis oil. The chemical products treated by tire pyrolysis oil also have higher economic value.

Tire pyrolysis oil from waste tire pyrolysis plant has the advantages of high calorific value, low ash content, low viscosity, low carbon residue value, etc. It can be used as heavy diesel fuel for agricultural vehicles, tractors, harvesters, generators, etc.

pyrolysis oil distillation plantPyrolysis oil distillation plant

Tire pyrolysis oil from waste tire pyrolysis plant can also be refined by pyrolysis oil distillation plant, which can turn pyrolysis oil into diesel. The diesel from pyrolysis oil distillation plant can be used in diesel generators, heavy machinery and as light fuel for use.

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