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Waste plastic pyrolysis plant project in Bangladesh

Date:2016-10-20 10:29:25 / Pyrolysis plant Projects Case/ Give me the project information/Leave a message

In Bangladesh we have successfully installed 4sets capacity 10ton/day waste plastic pyrolysis plant from the year 2012 until now.

plastic pyrolysis plant

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh

The first pyrolysis plant ordered by our Bangladesh customer is our 4th generation 10ton/day waste plastic pyrolysis plant, and it is mainly used for oil recovery from waste plastics. After the machine erection, we were also invited by our pyrolysis plant owner to see his waste pyryolysis plant factory in Bangladesh. The machine owner can collect about 30% fuel oil from the garbage plastic through our waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh

Our second and third pyrolysis plant  were exported together to Bangladesh, because they were ordered at the same time by two customers who are good friends. The pyrolysis plant they required is our 5th generation 10ton/day waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant, and the machine is used for processing waste plastic. According to customer feedback, the average oil output of our waste plastic pyrolysis plant can reach 45%.

waste palstic plant

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh

The fourth one we exported to Bangladesh is a customized pyrolysis plant. Due to the problem of a limited budget and land for the waste pyrolysis project, customer asked us to make his pyrolysis plant in a much more simple design. Meanwhile, different from other customers, he installed the pryolysis machine by himself and didn’t ask DOING company to send an engineer.

plastic pyrolysis plant
Waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh

We never stop improving our waste pyrolysis plant, now the waste plastic pyrolysis plant we manufacture is the latest generation, and we also have the new-tech waste oil distillation plant, but they are still not known by quite a few customers from Bangladesh. For details, we welcome your enquiry!


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